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Conductivity Essay

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In a modern world full of competitiveness of technology by making the best electronic devices and efficient tools for the daily life of the people, the question of which materials are the best for their development is exposed to the light. The metals are the most used elements for the manufacturing of tools, due to its their ability to conduct heat and electricity. For this, the problem that will be solved is to find out what metal would be the best conductor of heat; and find out how fast does it become from being a cold metal to a hot metal. This is an important topic because it would help to know how much time is needed for a metal to become hot or cold and at what ...view middle of the document...

The conductivity is measured in Watts per Kelvin per meter (W/mK).

Metals are the most abundant elements in the periodic table. Some of the characteristics of metals are that they are shiny, solids at room temperature (except for mercury, which is liquid), they have high melting points, low electronegativity, in compare with nonmetals; they are malleable and ductile, so they can be transformed in different shapes without breaking; and finally, they are excellent conductors of heat and electricity. Metals are divided in groups on the periodic table; the first group is called Alkali metals, conformed by the group IA (except for hydrogen); the Alkaline Earth Metals are the group IIA; and the metals from the groups IIIB to XIIB are called transition metals, lanthanide and actinide metals.

When body is heated up, molecules start moving faster than they were before, which means that heat is traveling through it. When contact is made, the molecules of the warmed body transfers the heat to the body with the less amount of heat (molecules will be moving slower than the heated ones). Metals are the substances that can transfer heat in quickly way.

Thermal conduction is used in textile industries and manufactoring factories to get heat and process certain types of products. The computer is one example of thermal conduction because they use a metal to attract or absorb the heat that is produce while using it to get it out and prevent accidents. Industry makes thermal insulations, which are used in most...

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