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Conduit Technology Versus Communication Essay

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It was good, took lots of research Good report~sKePtic~ : hi green, wanna drink ~sKePtic~ : Hi visitor, want a drink?Ann_Organa : skep, what are u the welcome party Ann_Organa : Skep, are you the welcoming party now (Laughs out loud)~sKePtic~ : ...maybe...trying to entertain in more ways then one J ~sKePtic~ : (Grins) Maybe, I try to entertain in more ways than one (smiles)neXus : You 2 married, cuz you sound like it...IMHO neXus : In my humble opinon, you sound like a married couple!Ann_Organa : only in your dreams, skep...he-he Ann_Organa : Only in your dreams, Skep (laughs)~sKePtic : L ~sKePtic~ : (Frowns, in disappointment)neXus : BRB, email... neXus : Be right back, I have email to check.neXus dropped. neXus has left the chat room~sKePtic~ : Boring now.. : - / ~sKePtic~ : It seems boring now (has a wry facial expression)Ann_Organa : one more drink for the night.. Ann_Organa : One more drink for the night, please.~sKePtic~ : BEER.WAV sent > ~sKePtic~ : (a sound of beer being poured is heard) Smiles happily.Ann_Organa : THX Ann_Organa : Thank you!* * *Old English? Nope. Shakespearean dialect? Not Exactly. Foreign language? Not really. Ebonics? Could be. English? Somewhat. What are the true meanings behind the symbols above? To many it is a form of communication, where symbols reflect expressions and spelling does not count. It is a dialect that continues to grow in the technological aspects of society developed and controlled by a machine we so commonly call 'the computer'. Has the way to communicate been degraded to the acronyms of the Internet? Or, is a new language gradually developing, one held true by a younger generation living by the standards of a machine? Language has usually followed the norm of time, expanding to the contingencies of new terms and slang expressions. Yet, time flows at an accelerated rate, as our own dialects are being challenged by technology's swift momentum. In the past, technology was kept in check with our way to communicate. Now we find our very own dialect, and ourselves, bending to the rules of technology.In order to comprehend how technology creates variation within language, we must first understand how languages spoken in the United States progressively become linguistically diverse. All languages have both dialectical variations and registral variations. These variations, or dialects, can differ in lexicon, phonology, and/or syntax from the Standard Language that we often think of as the 'Correct Language', although they are not necessarily less proper than, say, 'Standard English'. It depends on where, by whom,and in what situation the dialect is used as to whether or not it is appropriate. Before computers, only factors of location, ethnicity, education, and age heavily influenced language. Most people are familiar with regional dialects, such as Boston, Brooklyn, or Southern. These types of variation usually occur because of immigration and settlement patterns. People with the same social class...

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