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In the recent years there has been a widespread controversy about South Carolina and the Confederate Flag. The issue is about the Confederate Flag flying in state capital of South Carolina and there is great controversy whether the Flag should be removed from flying over the statehouse. I believe that the Confederate Flag symbolizes the culture, heritage and bravery of the South, it symbolizes the true spirit of America and the state has every right to use it. Being a member of "The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) a 107-years old organization, I believe that the Confederate Flag represents Southern tradition and heritage and has nothing to do with racism and slavery. The state of South Carolina has a right to protect its heritage and history, in the several Southern states flew the Confederate battle flag along with the U.S. and state flags over their state houses. While other states have removed these flags only recently, South Carolina remains committed to its heritage.I believe that there is a widespread misconception about the Flag and what it symbolizes. The Flag is not only the symbol of heritage and Southern tradition but it also a sign of sacrifice that many southerners gave and depicts their bravery. After the Civil War most of the states in the South used the flags along with the U.S. flag or incorporated it into their state flag till the 1980s and most part of the 90s and there was no issue or controversy in all those years. It is unfortunate that the real idea behind the confederacy and the southern heritage has been associated quite wrongly with racism[Borgna, 2003]. I think that these misrepresentations should be cleared and think that the battle to restore people's interest in their Confederate history is worth fighting for.Among all the flags that were part of the Confederate States of America, the Confederate battle flag with St. Andrew's cross was the most well known and remains so till today. The Flag became the most prominent symbol of the Confederacy's struggle for independence. The importance and the unprecedented attraction of this flag can only be excelled by the glorious history of its unique design. But more than that the idea of Confederacy was based on the 'Declaration of Independence" the document that so brilliantly announces the independence of American from Britain rule but also lays down the foundation and principles of union. Thomas Jefferson the genius from Virginia clearly states the reason for American declaration of Independence, all men are created with certain inherent rights that a ruler or a government should never violate. This was the central philosophy of the Declaration of Independence, it wanted to create a nation, a genuinely free nation where people can live without fear, control and authority. According to the Declaration the King of Britain, George interfered in colonists right to self-government and carry out their own affairs, he also denied colonists right for a fair judicial system. The...

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