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Conference Proposal Essay

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The programme is set up in such a way that the partners will explore the city of Amsterdam in a proactive way. We consider it important to include activities which aim at increasing the partners' physical condition. Furthermore we want to make them aware of the society they live in and their ancestors, and therefore we chose a specific exhibition at the Tropenmuseum.
We kindly ask the guests to sign in at the Host desk for these activities always on the day before until 8 pm. The guests will get the schedule of the upcoming day right away. This will help us to organise the programme and make the day an unforgettable one. Please keep in mind that the Conservatorium Hotel is aware that ...view middle of the document...

Riding a bike is an essential Amsterdam experience. It would also be safe and easy, thanks to the flat landscape and multitude of bike paths. During the bike tour the guests will get the possibility to experience Amsterdam in the typical Dutch way. ( 2012)
The first part of the biking tour will end at the Tropenmuseum.

12:00 – Lunch break
After the first part the guests get the opportunity to have lunch. For this recovering break we chose the Ekeko restaurant. It is the Tropenmuseum’s restaurant. They provide mostly organic and ecological food and beverages from all over the world. (Ekeko 2014)

13:00 – Museum Tour
After lunch the partner programme will continue with a guided tour through the ‘Tropenmuseum’. We have chosen this cultural activity for various reasons. Firstly, because of the ‘Black & White’ exhibition, treating mainly issues about slavery. This subject combines well with the theme of social sustainability, which by definition cannot be disconnected from the way humans behave in their social environment.(Faber 2010) The exhibition focuses on slavery in connection with Dutch society. Personal stories, photos, videos, contemporary art and historical documents explore how 'black' and 'white' people have lived with each other in the Netherlands since 1863.(Tropenmuseum 2014a) A guided tour with an experienced museum-guide will help the guests to better understand the subject.
Secondly, because the Tropenmuseum also offers an interesting programme for children. This would be an excellent possibility for the children joining their parents at the conference weekend. This programme explains all kind of issues about society and the environment. Tropenmuseum Junior is a museum especially targeted at 6- to 13-year-olds. (Royal Tropical Institute 2014) The exhibitions, offering immersive experiences, are aimed at making children curious and open to different cultures.(Tropenmuseum 2014b) A children-friendly tour will be given to the young guests. Tropenmuseum Junior has won the Children's Museum Award in 2012. (RoyalTropicalInstitute 2012)

16:00 - Break
After that long and rather exhausting day it would be nice for the guests and especially for the children to take a break. All guests will bike back with the bike-tour-guides to the hotel after the guided museum-tour. The guests now have the chance to make use of the hotel’s beautiful spa and gym facilities. Furthermore they can explore our shopping facilities. All detailed information can be found under the App. XXX

18:00 – Themed Dinner
Themed dinner (senses) at The Tunes Restaurant on the 1st floor for delegates with partners and children.

19:30 – Cocktail Evening Reception
Cocktail Evening Reception at The Tunes Bar on the 1st floor for delegates and partners.

Saturday (23.11.14)
7:30 - Breakfast
All the delegates partners and children have breakfast together at The Brasserie on the ground floor.
9:30 – Park Tour/ Workshop
We offer 2 options for the partners:

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