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My desire and craving to write and speak better is what helped me overcome my negative attitude towards my skill level of writing and speaking and to return to school. When I signed up for school, my first class requirement, Peak Performance, was aiming to teach me and to cause me to become aware of whom I am and how to create new healthy habits. The results of my studies taught me that I hold the keys to my success as I train myself to create healthy habits as I take charge of my life. One way that I was learning how to create healthy habits was by visualizing my success, and being positive with confidence, as I was guarding my mind from negative thoughts.
I am grateful that this class came at the right time in my life, as I was hungry to learn. My thoughts of needing to go to school again caused me to feel drawn to attend College. This feeling was strong at certain points during my workday when I needed to perform a written assignment that I knew I could not perform correctly. I became very frustrated. However, I did not listen to my feelings; I kept plowing on in the rut where I was stuck. When my inner voice became louder, I finally stopped and listened. In my listening stage and discerning what I needed to do, I searched the internet to seek out on-line Universities. I felt drawn towards Ashford University and jumped right in.
With my old attitude, I always beat myself up by being negative. I had become my own worst enemy. I had been reflecting on my past years of my life. I re-call how people put me down for not being a good speller, writer, and speaking pronunciations of words correctly. Therefore, I dug myself in a rut of negative thoughts against myself, and the hold and effect my negative attitude had on me was a great revelation for me, as I did not comprehend this

Confident Performer
revelation until I went through the course of Peak Performer. My old attitude of being negative towards myself is now a healthy habit as I visualize my success.
As my first class went on, I learned, only I can produce better results, as I hold the keys to my success. That reveled to me that visualizing my success is a lifetime committee to continue forward. I loved doing my assignments as well as I was enjoying the feedback from my classmates. My classmates and teachers were extremely helpful in reinforcing to remind me that I am holding the keys! I also enjoyed writing feedbacks to them as it gave me practice with my writing and critical thinking. One tool that I chose was visualizing my success. I now spend time concentrating, practicing, and visualizing myself, as a positive person. I quickly became aware of my new positive attitude within several weeks of the class. Visualizing my success has become a life-changing event.
In this life-changing event, I am discovering how important guarding my mind to ensure that I stay on the right track of visualizing my success. As I continue creating and motivating my thoughts...

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