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Confidentiality As An Aspect Of The Nmc Code Of Conduct. (Nursing)

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ConfidentialityThe history of confidentiality in health and social care.One of the oldest documents we can find about confidentiality is the Hippocratic Oath what was written in the 4th century BC.We all know that nurses are not taking this oath, but we are bound to the same confidentiality regulations as doctors and other health professionals including social workers. Untrained or ancillary workers should not have access to patient's records and there is no need for them to know certain confidential information.A famous author in social work, (Biestek, 1957) has written a classic book and writes about confidentiality. He states that "confidentiality is an essential principle in a helping relationship …..and crucial to develop a trusting relationship with the clients.Health professionals need to comply with these ethics and principals according to the law and the NMC Code. (The Code, 2008)Legal side, Caldecott reportThe following Acts and Legislation are all about our (as patients and as health professionals) right to confidentiality as stated in the NMC Advices sheet about Confidentiality. These are just a few of a lot:Data Protection Act, 1998.Access to health records,1990.Computer Misuse Act, 1990. Human Rights Act, 1998Health and Social Care Act, 2001: section 60.Police and criminal evidence Act, 1984The Caldecott Report according to the Department of Health website:"Following the production of The Protection and Use of Patient Information in 1996, the Chief Medical Officer of England commissioned the Caldicott Committee to review the transfer of patient-identifiable information from NHS organisations to other NHS and non-NHS organisations." (DoH, 1997)This report is to help guide health professionals to maintain maximum security of keeping, storing, using, patient's confidential information and personal data. It contains sixteen recommendations about the way of handling information safely and correctly. It recommends also that Caldecott Guardians must be set up in health care settings whose responsibility will be to make sure all health care staff understand and follow the recommendations. A Caldecott Guardian is usually a senior health care professional.Confidentiality and Technology.Nowadays as most medical records are on computerized data holders, breaching confidentiality is much easier and quicker can happen then before technology has been involved in data storing. Health professionals should pay far more attention how to use their computers and make sure that all the security measures have been applied. This means not to leave computers on with client's data shown, logging off in a certain time (few minutes) after the computer has not been used, or even better is just logging off immediately after using it.Although confidentially is frequently discussed and can be found in all sorts of legislation and company documents, confidentially in relation to technology is often minimally addressed. There are attempts in the NHS to use a...

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