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The growth in cost and importance of software to my unit has caused my squadron to address the improvement of software development across the agency. One of the products of this program is a series of guidebooks that define the squadron concept of the assurance processes which are used in software development. This is the Software Configuration Management Guidebook which describes software configuration management in a way that is compatible with practices in industry and at Air Force Squadrons. Software configuration management is a key software development process, and is essential for doing software assurance.This guidebook defines Software Configuration Management (SCM) and describes its constituent functions, processes, and procedures. The guidebook also describes a generic set of organizational elements and responsibilities for operation of SCM. It defines the role of SCM, its interfaces and its functions throughout the software development life cycle. This guidebook also provides a basis for tailoring SCM for different projects with different life cycles and project specific requirements.Proper application of software configuration management is a key component in the development of quality software. Changes to the software under development are usually a significant cause of changes to a project's schedule and budget; unmanaged change is very possibly the largest single cause of failure to deliver systems on time and within budget.SCM is the process that has been developed to control and manage change. Change is inevitable during the software development life cycle. Changes to the software come from both external and internal sources. External changes originate from users, from evolution of operational environments, and from improvements in technology. Internal changes come from improved designs and methods, from incremental development, and from correction of errors. A properly implemented SCM process is the project manager's best friend and potential salvation in coping with change.This guidebook is written for software project managers who must plan for SCM for their project, for SCM practitioners who will implement SCM, and for software developers and acquirers who will be affected by it. The style of the guidebook is intended to be tutorial rather than directive. It is hoped that the reader will find the following sections an easily understood introduction to software configuration management and a useful guide to planning and implementing SCM in a software development project.Software configuration management is the process whose objective is the identification of the configuration of software at discrete points in time and the systematic control of changes to the identified configuration for the purpose of maintaining software integrity and traceability throughout the software life cycle.In order to accomplish the objective given in the above definition, there are four identified SCM functions: 1) identification of the components...

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