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Conflicitng Messages In Our Society Today

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Conflicting messages, they are all around us in the world today, it is hard to avoid negative messages sent to us by the media, television and even by people we see and communicate with all the time. It is difficult to try to live well by the teachings of God and try to sort out what is right and wrong in our society today. Sometimes there are so many negative messages being sent out to us by various sources that it does not hit us as hard as it should, for example, we hear about people dying from lung cancer all the time and how cigarette smoke is incredibly bad for your health yet you still walk down the street and see people smoking. The truth should affect much more then it seems too. You have to also understand that I am not saying that the negative messages that we hear are totally bad for us. You have to learn how to use negative messages to your advantage to become a more knowledgeable and well rounded person and how to use the positive messages of the gospel to become a better and a more moral human being. The values of the media can often become confusing to a young person today, we try to live our lives according to the morals taught to us by the lessons of the gospels but it is hard to do that when we turn on the new and we hear about murders and other chaos in our society. What kind of world do we live in when we cannot even trust our own president to tell us the truth, what kind of message is this sending out to young people today? That we can lie without having to suffer the consequences, I do not believe that this is what we want our children to learn and believe in the future. We need to start to recognize more fully the affect of conflicting messages in our lives today. There are many different ways that I believe we can do this. We can start putting more positive things on the news along with all of the negative information that we hear about every day. By putting positive stories on the news we can start to take a more positive outlook on life. Wouldn't it be better to hear about someone doing work to make our society a better place to live, or to hear about people committing crimes, by hearing the good things that happen in the world around us, we in return can start to do things to make our world a better place to live. Another thing we can do is start having more shows on television that...

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