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“If you want Conflict try to change something”

Conflict manifests itself into many shapes and forms. Conflict can be defined as a struggle or contest between individuals or parties for power. The struggle ultimately changes the status quo and brings about an imbalance in the existing situation. The change in the status quo could be either positive or negative. In Finding Forrester composed by Gus Van Sant, The poem, “Then and Now”, by Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal and the article on Mahatma Gandhi by Ravi Kumar we find that conflict manifests itself into Inner, Moral and Socio-economic forms, amongst others.

Ben Okri, the famous Nigerian novelist states “A man’s greatest battles are the ones he fights within” In the film “Finding Forrester” William Forrester shows us his inner conflict as he creates a utopia by living in his own cocoon and is oblivious of the world outside. William is hesitant as to whether he should embrace the world or continue to live in this cocoon. The constant cleaning of the windows of his apartment, and the use of binoculars to "spy" on the world outside, is indicative of his own insecurities. The use of binoculars is clever as it indicates that William wants to reconcile with society by bringing the world closer to him. Williams’s inner conflict grows from guilt and self blame because he thinks that he caused his brothers death. “He survived the war and yet I let him drive” This insinuates that William’s remorsefulness of his brothers death. William initially thought that the only way to overcome his fear was to isolate him from society; however Jamal influenced William to face his fear and come to terms with it. William cycles to Jamal’s school to save him from losing his scholarship. This shows us that William is trying to break free from the inner conflict within him. The composer uses the high angle camera shot to show William’s struggle amongst the large masses of people at the subway. Once again this ongoing inner conflict is portrayed. This is evident that William is winning this battle and eventually something positive comes out of it. The change finally comes about when William tells the school that Jamal Wallace wrote that article. Thereby finally embracing the world over and above himself

Socio-economic conflict can best be described as a disagreement between social needs of society and economic needs. This conflict is depicted in the poem “Then and Now” by Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal. In the poem a lonely man dreams...

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