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Conflict And Its Affects On The Nurse Physician Relationship

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As Leslie arrives in the room with Dr. Eastman he turns to her and says, "Since the patient is a female. I wanted you to be here for my examination of her. I also need to do a simple procedure that will require your assistance as I will be sterile and will need you to hand me instruments." Leslie nods and Dr. Eastman begins his exam, quickly followed by the sterile procedure. A few minute later, Leslie's text pager goes off and alerts her that her assistance is needed with one of her patients. She tells Dr. Eastman that she would be right back and immediately leaves the room to go check on her patient. However, the doctor is absorbed in the procedure and does not notice, The doctor then turns around to ask Leslie for an instrument and realizes that she is no longer in the room. He is quite upset but successfully completes his procedure. After completion of the procedure he goes to find his nurse. He finds her in a patient's room helping another nurse with patient care. Without hesitation he states "We need to talk," She stops. He approaches her at a rapid pace, backing her against the room wall. He is standing in front of her, close enough that she feels extremely uncomfortable. He puts his finger in her face and says quietly, "If you ever walk out on a procedure again, I will have you fired." Then he walks out. Leslie, her coworker, and the patient all stare at each other in awe. Leslie tries to continue her duties but it is evident from the tears now slowly streaming down her face that the incident has shaken her. Leslie has been traumatized by the doctor's misconduct. She is deeply upset, terrified at the thought of losing her job. However, what makes the situation worse is that the incident was witnessed by not only another coworker but the patient as well.
In health care it is crucial that the health care team is cohesive. When conflict interferes with the nurse-physician relationship it can and will impact communication and eventually impact patient care. In the context of this paper, according to Tabak and Orit (2007), a conflict is defined as a situation arising where one party in a workplace relationship perceives that the behavior and objectives of the second party are not compatible with, and therefore threaten, their own. The background example suggests a conflict that has arisen in a nurse-physician relationship that has caused a nurse to feel uncomfortable and apprehensive toward a physician. Therefore, if Leslie and Dr. Eastman have to collaborate for a patient’s care their working relationship may be damaged and thus affect patient care. Tabak and Orit (2007) continued on by stating that the working relations between doctors and nurses, as any set of relations between two collectives in the workplace, are affected to some degree by interprofessional conflicts. There are many factors that can affect the relationship of nurses-physician relationship: gender differences, socioeconomic status, and gaps in education. In...

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