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Conflict And Peace Essay

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Why do wars occur and recur, especially in cases when the decisions involved are made by careful and rational actors? There are many answers to this question. Given the importance of the question, and the wide range of answers, it is essential to have a perspective on the various sources of conflict. In this chapter we provide a critical overview of the theory of war. In particular, we provide not just a taxonomy of causes of conflict, but also some insight into the necessity of and interrelation between different factors that lead to war.
Personal: there are many conflicts going on in Gujarat, some of them are Hindu-Muslim riots, Communal War, The 2002 Gujarat violence, also known as the Gujarat pogrom,
National: there are many conflicts going on in India, some of them are the Hindu-Muslim conflict, then there is the Indo-Pakistan war and conflict.
Global: there are many conflicts going on in the world, some of them are in central African ...view middle of the document...

Meaning of conflict:
a conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one.
The different types of conflicts are:
Interpersonal conflict: it refers to a conflict between two individuals. This usually occurs because people are different from one another, and also because people have different choices and opinions.
Intrapersonal conflict: it occurs within a person. It is a type of conflict that happens inside a persons mind so it is a psychological involment of the persons thoughts, values, principles and emotions. It leads to restlessness, uneasiness or can even cause depression.
Intragroup conflict: it occurs between individuals within a team. It happens because of misunderstanding or incompatibilities. It mostly happens because or different views or ideas.
Intergroup conflict: it occurs when misunderstanding occurs between groups within a organization. It happens because of competition or because of goals of the groups.
what are the economic factors affecting conflicts?
S1: what if there were no conflicts in the world?
If there were no conflicts in the world, it would be nice to live, nobody would be killed, everyone would be happy and there would be peace in the world.

Focus question:
What are the reasons for a war to begin? And How can we avoid it?
The first reason is overpopulation, typically one culcure claims the rights to another country’s land, this is because for more land for their expanding population. The second reason is Economical problems, this is because of competition for resources. The third reason is religious beliefs, this is because of the teachings that are different for various religions. The forth reason is when a national entity wishes to improve the standard of living for its people. The fifth reason is power, when a nation sets out to control the world, a war begins. The sixth reason is independence, this happens when a nation has a certain people under bondage, these people desire to go from mistreated slaves, to living under their own laws, and orders, to being free. The seventh reason

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