Conflict Between The Rich And Poor In Maxim Gorky's Novel, Mother

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Mother by Maxim Gorky
Question: Describe the conflict between the rich and poor in “Mother”.


“Mother” is a masterpiece of Maxim Gorky where he depicts a revolution against the bourgeois society. Being greatly influenced by the thoughts and philosophy of Lenin Maxim Gorky is greatly shocked and frustrated by the ignorance, poverty and sufferings of his country people. He wants to establish the equal rights of the people in the society. In this novel “Mother”, we can see the philosophy of Maxim Gorky that lies into the conflict between the rich and the poor, a conflict between the suppressor and suppressed ones and a conflict between the factory owners and the workers.

In this book, we can see that there are two classes in the society. One class consists of the poor and the other consists of rich or the ruling party, who are the representatives of Tsar. One group wants to establish a classless society and the other group wants to exploit the poor and keep them down. The group members who revolt against the representative of Tsar are Mother, Pavel, Andrei, Natasha, Sasha, Sophia, Rybin and many more. They call each other as a comrade. On the other hand the ruling class consists of the police, detectives, factory owners and the judges. The main aim and objective of the revolutionary group is to make a classless society, where there will be no difference between the poor and rich. They dream for a society where labour class people can take shelter and can exercise their freedom. Pavel is the representative of this revolutionary group who questions himself “Why do the evils happen to the working class? Why are the political and economic powers in the hands of ruling class? Why are the people leading such a miserable life?” All these questions prick his mind and he is really shocked to see the inhuman sufferings of the people.

We see that the country is in a serious anarchy and disorder. The rich class exploit the poor. The peasants are treated very inhumanly because they grow crops but do not have the right to use...

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