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Conflict Between The Character Jack And Ralph In Goldings " Lord Of The Flies"

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Throughout William Goldings novel Lord of The Flies there is an ever presentconflict between two characters. Ralph's character combines common sense with a strongdesire for civilized life. Jack, however, is an antagonist with savage instincts which hecannot control. Ralph's goals to achieve a team unit with organization are destroyed byJack's actions and words that are openly displayed to the boys. The two leaders try toconvince the boys that their way of survival is correct. They continue this desire forcontrol while turning down each other's decisions and ideas. The back and forth conflictsof opinion are what makes life chaos on the island. The boys are drawn away from acivilized way of living.Comments made by Ralph and Jack show the boys that Jack is resorting tosavagery. Ralph and Jack both agree in the beginning while they are reasoning in a civilmanner. Throughout the novel the two leaders stray from one another because ofdifferences in motivation. Jack told the boys "We've got to decide about being rescued"(Golding, 20). This statement illustrates Jack's civilized concern for the whole group.Jack seems to put the group before himself. This unselfish concern soon dissolves as theinternal beast prevails over the civil Jack. "I ought to be chief because I'm chapterchorister and I can sing C sharp," (Golding, 21) displays Jacks own arrogance. After theboys accept Ralph as chief, Ralph gives power over the choir boys to Jack. "The choirbelongs to you, of course," (Golding, 21) Ralph's unselfish act of giving Jack rule overthe choir boys is a way of keeping peace between the two groups and between Jack.Ralph and Jack go exploring and return with the conclusion that the island cansupport all of the boys. Ralph insists on building a signal fire. Ralph gains the support ofthe boys. The boys immediately run to the top of the mountain to gather firewood. Jacklater belittles the fire and feels that hunting for meat is more important. Jack is onlythinking of their present problems. Ralph is looking for solutions to long-term threats.Ralph knows "we need hunters to get us meat, "(Golding, 31). This responsibility isquickly...

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