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Conflict Can Result In A Positive Outcome

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In today’s society there still exists many injustices, whether it be freedom of speech or equality amongst races. In order to make a change in relation to such issues, one must put themselves forward and inevitably cause conflict. This conflict could be something as large as a war between two countries or simply a debate amongst peers. Whether it be in the form of arguments or gunfire, people are given the opportunity to step forward and demonstrate their true strength. It may have been unnoticeable before, but during moments of great conflict, the admirable traits of strength and determination rise to the surface for all to see.

At the conclusion of Green’s ‘The Quiet American’, Thomas ...view middle of the document...

It is the surrounding and internal conflict that Folwer lives through which causes him to demonstrate his true strength by no longer attempting to remain neutral.

‘The Quiet American’ demonstrates that in order to achieve one’s goals, conflict must be caused. Without conflict the Vietnamese would never have been able to attain a better or different life from that which the French colonies had created for them. The Indo-China war itself was caused simply due to the fact that multiple parties wanted to achieve something; from the Communists wanting independence from the French, to the French wishing to maintain colonisation of the country. Without the war, neither party would have to opportunity to achieve their goals. Similarly, if Folwer had never joined forces with Mr.Heng in an attempt to eradicate Pyle, then Pyle would have continued to ‘[blunder] in and people [would have] to die for his mistakes.’ The bombings in Gardiner Square resulted in Folwer’s decision to end Pyle’s life. It was this conflict that created a positive outcome for the people of Vietnam. This outcome was their safety from Pyle’s naive actions. Furthermore, it lead to Phuong’s return, which was Fowler’s deepest desire. Without witnessing the tragedy of the bombing and hence Pyle’s death, Phuong would never have left him. Folwer admits that this decision needed to be made earlier, for ‘it would have made a lot of difference to a lot of lives’, but he required a moment of great conflict to open his eyes to the injustice that the Vietnamese were suffering at Pyle’s hand. It was the conflict caused during the Indo-China War that resulted in a positive outcome for not...

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