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The different types of conflicts in the book, “No Promises in the Wind” and the movie, “The Journey of Natty Gann” will be thoroughly analyzed in this essay. The order of the conflicts in this essay will be: man vs. himself, man vs. man, man vs. society, and man vs. nature. The last paragraph will be where I reflect on the book and the movie. The reader should keep in mind that both the movie and book take place in the great depression. The main protagonist in the book is Josh Grondowski. The main character in the movie is Natalie Gann. Natalie is mostly referred to as Natty.
Man vs. himself is the first conflict that I will elaborate today. Josh Grondowski had a man vs. himself conflict on page 89. Josh emotionally thought to himself, “Give me a chance, Pete Harris…” Josh was relying so much on Pete for his well being that if Pete said no to him, Josh might cry in frustration and sadness. He would ...view middle of the document...

Stefan said to Josh in an angered voice, “It will be fine, won’t it, when you catch a cold.” Josh is extremely prideful so having getting yelled at for something he thought was almost meaningless hurt him in the inside. That event probably fueled Josh’s decision to leave. Natty experienced a comparable situation when she and Connie had gotten into an argument. They were at each other’s throats.
When Natty and Josh had man vs. society conflict, they were often dreadfully stressful. On page 43, a group of citizen of the town tried to scare away the hobos which included Josh away from their town. In fact, one citizen said to Josh, “Don’t take another step this way.” The mob of citizens seemed like they would become violent if necessary. It is very likely that Josh acquired an emotional scar from that event. Natty encountered a comparable event when she visited a hobo town. While she was there, a group of citizens from the town wanted to get the hobos out of their town so they set fire to the hobo camp. If it wasn't the Great Depression, the people would probably have pitied them and try to help them better themselves.
When a person experiences a rough storm, it can leave a negative impact on a person. When Josh was braving the winter, he was often awfully cold. On page 68, Josh said, “I was ready to give up during the cold weeks of November.” He can be considered by some people to be lucky. He could have been killed by the cold. Natty came across a man vs. nature conflict too. In the movie, Natty had a hard time navigating through the forest. It was just by chance that she meet her navigator, the wolf, she basically followed the wolf wherever it went.
Overall, I enjoyed both the book and the movie. The book offered a little more detail than the movie in my opinion. The book doesn't have a 90 minute limit. For the movie, I like how it is realistic to the real Great Depression. The information in the movie is accurate to what actually in the Great Depression. Both helped me further understand the era known as the Great Depression.

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