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Conflict In Israel Essay

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Since the inception of an Israeli nation-state in 1948, violence and conflict has played a major role in Israel’s brief history. In the Sixty-One year’s Israel has been a recognized nation-state, they have fought in 6 interstate wars, 2 civil wars, and over 144 dyadic militarized interstate disputes (MIDs) with some display of military force against other states (Maoz 5). Israel has been involved in constant conflict throughout the past half century. Israel’s tension against other states within the Middle East has spurred vast economic, social, and political unity that has fostered a sense of nationalism and unity in Israel not seen in most other states. Over the next several pages I will try and dissect the reasons for why the nation state of Israel has been emerged in constant conflict and how this conflict has helped foster national unity and identity among the people of Israel.
Israel’s involvement in war is not a new phenomenon. Military conflict has been true all through the history of the Jewish nation. In biblical times the Jewish people were continually engaged in military conflict, often times the aggressor, as Yahweh called them to fight in order to settle in the “promised land” (Joshua 8:1-2 New International Version). The children of Israel’s first military conflict came in 1445 B.C. against the Amalekites during the time of the exodus from Egypt (Exodus 17:10 NIV). Over the next two centuries, the Israelites conquered most of the land now known as Israel battling many different tribes in what was almost constant military conflict (NIV). The tribes of Israel were unified by the establishment of a monarchical system headed by Saul in 1020 B.C. (Benhaim np). David, the second king of Israel created a capital in Jerusalem and established Israel as a major power on various military expeditions that lead to economic and social consolidation within the nation of Israel. Solomon, the son of David, helped Israel become more economically stable by “expanding foreign trade and promoting domestic prosperity by developing major enterprises, such as copper mining and metal smelting, while building new towns and fortifying old ones of strategic and economic importance” (Benhaim np). These consolidations lasted only a short while before the nation was split into two; Israel in the North and Judah in the South. Shortly thereafter, Israel was exiled by the Assyrians in 721 B.C. and a little over 100 years later Judah was conquered by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. The Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem in its entirety. The conquered tribes of Israel were taken captive and spread throughout the Middle East, what is now known as the Jewish Diaspora. While this was a time of destruction and little hope for the Israelite people, it also was the first time we see “Judaism [developing] a religious and [political] framework and way of life outside the Land, ultimately ensuring the people’s national survival and spiritual identity and imbuing it...

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