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Conflict In Organizations Essay

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Great leadership and conflicts
Turbulences in leadership directly impacts employee performance. Broadly speaking, excellent leadership is desired in every organization, even one with irresponsible leaders; however it takes time to build great leadership. Most of the successive leaders, embrace great values, which are beneficial to employees and society. For example, they challenge rigid administration to change procedures that need to represent best interests of those involved (Kennedy and Anderson 2002, p.545-559). Second, good leaders inspire a common vision to those they lead. Once a leader has envisioned a good idea, they share that idea with others, people who in one way or another will facilitate success of such an idea (Woolley, Caza, and Levy 2011, p.438-448).
Three, good leaders support others to take action, by equipping them with necessary resources, tools as well as techniques to handle problem situations like conflicts in organizations. Four, good leaders are role models to those they lead. Generally, leaders become good models when they advocate for good morals and values to be held in organizations without wavering. Finally, good leaders encourage their followers to walk through challenges at workplaces. Since a leader knows that challenges exist in an organization; a good leader will keep moving with followers all the way to achieve desired results (Richard 1996, p.105).
In most occasions, a business establishment’s culture, whether national or corporate influences the kind of human resource practices in an organisation wherever it is operating from. Some of the affected areas include integration of tasks through information technology applications and general employee interactions. Every so often, organizations which care about their employees’ welfare amicably address their challenges, and have organized work systems that perform better than those without such arrangements. It is therefore recommended that organisational leaders take into consideration the following recommendations. One, leadership models such as motivation theories are to be adopted at all times to demonstrate what good leadership entails, particularly in influencing employee performance. Likewise, it is recommended that leaders incorporate ideas from these models to improve on their leadership styles (Woolley, Caza, and Levy 2011, p.438-448).
Second, top management should adopt employee friendly policies, those which will invoke feelings of togetherness among employees. In addition to that, leaders should be good role models to their followers by complying with laid down rules and regulations. Leader modelling is by far the greatest way leaders can positively influence their followers to pursue desired organisational objectives. Furthermore, a leader should avoid taking positions by expressing personal preferences, instead should act professionally and reassess alternative courses of action in decision-making. Ultimately, a leader...

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