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Conflict In Quid Pro Quo Essay

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In literature there are 3 diffrent types of conflict, man versus man, man versus nature and man verus himself. A conflict is something that opposes the protagonist in the story.
Man versus man, in a man verus man conflict the desires and wants of a protagonist is clashing the desires and wants of the antagonist. Kind of like a superhero versus a supervillian. The superhero wants peace, while the supervillian wants discord. This, creates conflict.
Man verus nature, in a man verus nature conflict a person is against a force of nature. Think of it like a family who lives in a town that has just been hit by an earthquake.
Man versus himself, in a man verus himself conlict a person is against himself. This is an internal conflict which deals with emotions, thoughts and desires of one’s self.

Identifying the Conflict
For this assignment I chose to relate man versus himself conflict to my ...view middle of the document...

” Lacking confidence in his own suspicions and evidence, he knew that Bob is a huge suspect; he knows that he could have tons of information about Andy even if he wasn’t her kidnapper. But, Cyril automatically assumed that he was wrong based on the knowledge of someone else, because he felt he was inferior to them, because “Who was I kidding? I was thirteen years old.” But in the end he went with his own suspicions and ultimately found his mother.

Connecting it to the Real World
Summary of Conflict from Real World

Danny Green, (a professional basketball player who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association) was orginally cut twice by the Spurs before he finally gained enough confidence in himself to become one of the most deadly three-point shooters left in the playoffs, and has amazing offence, he has made 16 out of 23 three-pointers in June out scoring everyone on both teams.
This, however was not the case for his whole career, early his NBA playing career, he lacked confidence in himself. He would miss shots and make mistakes because of his own self-doubt. In contrast with other young players who would be confident that every shot they take will go in.
Eventually he over came his self doubt, and became confident in himself. Which led to him becoming a great defencemen for the San Antonio Spurs.

The Connection

In the end of both Man versus Himself conflicts, both Danny and Cyril achived what they wanted. Cyril, found his mother and Danny is now an amazing basketball player. They both had doubts wether or not they could achive those goals, those doubts affected their progression, if Cyril didn’t doubt his suspiscons he would have found his mother sooner, if Danny hadn’t doubted his ablities or put himself down because he missed a shot or two he would’ve became closer to being the great player he is today.
Even though these are two complety diffrent scenairos, the conflict and lack of self confidence is the same in both.


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