Conflict In The Workplace: A Necessary Evil

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Qualification: MTECH Business Administration

Subject: Organisation Dynamics

Name of the Assignment: Individual Assignment

Topic: Conflict in workplace: A necessary evil

Student: Rammese Thinandavha

Student No: 204132444

Lecturer: M van doesburgh

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Nature of conflict
3. Major areas where conflict arise
3.1 facts
3.2 methods
3.3 objectives
3.4 values
4. Causes of conflict
4.1 Personality clash
4.2 Office romance
4.3 Passive aggressive behavior
5. Creativity fighting
5.1 Establish the legitimacy of fighting
5.2 choose the arena carefully
5.2.1 Engage
5.2.2 Accede
5.2.3 Postpone
6. Types of Workplace Conflict
6.1Task conflict
6.2Personal conflict
6.3Functional conflict
6.4 Dysfunctional conflict
7. How Staff Performance can be improved during workplace Conflict
8. Strategies for managing conflict
8.1 Competition
8.2 Competition
8.3 Collaboration
8.4 Avoiding
8.5 accommodating
9. Consequences
10. Conclusion
11. Recommendation
12. References

Conflict in workplace teams: A necessary evil
1. Introduction
Conflict is a disagreement or argument between people or groups based on the opinion or interest. Conflict is regarded as a normal thing to happen in an organization or workplace. Conflict management expert and organizational psychologist Dr. David G. Javitch 2007 simply defines it as tension and believes that offers benefits, as well as disadvantages in the workplace. Wherever people work together, conflict is likely to take place, and it brings a challenge to which organization’s leaders must respond constructively. Workplace conflict is a type of conflict that happens in workplaces. These conflicts may be structured by workplace environment, including the time that many people spend at their workplace and the difficulties that may be involved in switching to a different workplace.

2. Nature of conflict
H.B KARP 2003. Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Managing Conflict at Work. 1 Edition. Pfeiffer. Mention that conflict occurs when two or more people attempt to occupy the same space at the same time. This space can be a physical, psychological, intimate, political or any arena in which there is room for only one view, outcome or individual. Conflict is absolutely unavoidable and is a normal condition of active life. It is neither good nor bad in itself, it is simple is. Whether the outcome of a conflict situation is positive or negative is almost totally determined by the way it was managed. When managed effectively, conflict actually becomes a vital asset in that it is a prime source of energy and creativity in a system.

3. Major areas where conflict arise

3.1 Fact
This is kind of regular conflict and it’s least harmful. Fact conflict is not difficult to resolve. Normally people argue about how something looks like, solution can be achieved by looking at the object and see what it...

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