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Conflict In The Workplace: A Look At Carolyn And Nick

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This paper will discuss how to diagnose a conflict using various conflict models using a case study that involves a workplace conflict between two individuals. Included will be detailed characteristics and attributes of the parties involved and how they may affect the conflict. Confidentiality is important in the workplace and will be discussed in regards to the case study. Resolution solutions that a practitioner may use will be suggested to assist in resolving the conflict. Conflict resolution can be a difficult task but if a practitioner implements tools like conflict models than conflict can be undoubtedly resolved.
Conflict Scenario
The conflict presented in this case study is between two employees that perceive tension in the workplace. The conflict started at the beginning of the shift when three employees found out that their supervisor was not going to show up. The three employees plus the on-call employee decided to discuss who would be the staff leader for the night. The choice was between two staff members Carolyn and Nick since the other two staff members were not a QMHA (Qualified Mental Health Assistant). Everyone decided that Carolyn a female staff member would be active leader for the shift that night.
As the night went on the shift went great until it was time for the residents’ to transition to bed. All residents’ went to bed except for one that decided that he wanted a cigarette and did not want to go to his room yet. With this particular resident, staff was told to keep the peace and due to his size and mental instability try not to get into any altercations because the staff was not equipped to handle such an immense person. The female staff member decided after talking with the resident, explaining what her concerns were, and the expectations were that he can have one cigarette and will be answering to the site manager and his therapist in the morning.
This is where the conflict between Carolyn and Nick started. Carolyn said yes and Nick whom decided not to be supervisor earlier said no. Nick stops the resident from going outside and asked the resident to sit and talk; the resident sat down and attempted to listen to Nick talk about why his answer was no. The resident was becoming agitated and got loud with his words; he started cussing and then becoming aggressive. The other staff members and Carolyn went out to the living room to comprehend what was going on.
When approaching the situation the lead staff member Carolyn asked for all the staff to go off-line except for the graveyard staff. This went on for two hours, Nick continued to engage in conversations with the resident which at this point Nick was forcing his will onto the resident which made the resident escalate more and he started breaking windows.
At the end of the resident’s blow-up, Nick then agreed to give the resident his cigarette and told Carolyn that he finds it in the best interests if the resident just had one cigarette and he will go to his...

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