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Conflict Management Essay

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A. What is a Conflict?
Conflict is an inharmonic situation that arises between social creatures. It could be some people, some groups, because of the action of one or more members in the group are unacceptable by the other group. It can occur between the members in the same group, members between two groups, or even between two different groups. The conflict often caused by a never ending disagreement, different opinions, that may split the unity of a group in to turmoil. They carry out their self-centeredness, needs, or want by doing some inconsistent action. But then, sometimes, a conflict can also be made for certain purpose, a purpose that even the people who are involved in the conflict don’t realize, a purpose that someone had prepared to get what he/she want, a purpose to get back the power.
The conflict in Ambon, if we didn’t see through the academic analysis, started between two individual persons. There were a driver and its passenger, which were Christian and Muslim. Both of this side had a vast historical story about conflicts since long time ago. The Christian and Muslim were known that they could never live side by side. Even though they tried to, but there would be always some little conflict that split in to a big conflict. They always have a conflict to be recorded in every single of the years. And it had been also proved with the once more conflict happened in 1999.
After the eruption of the conflict in 19 January 1999, Ambon was segregated into two groups, the Moslems and the Christians. Both groups were really merciless towards the other group, for example, if the Moslems found a member of the Christians in their territory, they wouldn’t think twice of chopping his/her head off, and the same applies for the opposite condition.
Simply saying, the conflict of Ambon in 1999 started with a simple and little range of wide case, but spread and developed in to a very big catastrophic one. By starting from two different people that may be other people didn’t know who they are, people start to attack each other. The conflict erupted wildly, creating a massive conflict that is hard to control and hard to stop. And as wildly as it emerges it also rapidly spread around all Ambon, and before realizing it, it’s already an island-wide catastrophic conflict with lots of victims. Some got misunderstood that their ethnic were attacked that’s why they attack back, some others were just been provoked, or even some had their own purposed behind the conflict. Who knows? Anything could happen.

B. What caused it to Spread Rapidly?
There have been some theories which surfaced along the years. First, the nature of the Ambon people that tend to be hotheaded in facing problems that deals with sensitive matters, and thus, making it easier for them to be manipulated by provocateurs. This led to the second factor: enormous number of provocations, including manipulation, brainwash, lead some people to create or worsen the conflict. The provocateurs’...

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