Conflict Management And Resolution Of A Public School (Randwana High School)

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1INTRODUCTION1.1The aims of the report•Identify the key problems or conflicts that Cheryl and Martin are having in Randwana High School•how RHS can solve the personal problems between Martin and Cheryl who are both overseeing two sensitive laboratories in the college.•proffer solutions to these conflict between these two staff.1.2The objective of the report•use decision making and leadership mechanisms to address the problems of Martin and Cheryl•apply job design and job analysis, conflict management and resolution in RHS in order to solve the conflict.•Try to explore diversity management, advise against using performance appraisals as a judgement base for termination and or promotion in RHS vis-a-vis the conflicts between Cheryl and Martin.2.Background of the SchoolThe name of the school is Randwana High School (RHS) It has about 2000 students and 63 teaching staff on part and full time basis. It also includes administrative personnel that performs full time and part time jobs.The teachers are quite good in their areas of specialisations but the school has some problems anytime a staff member goes on leave or takes a vacation. This problem of shortage of teachers often results to too much load on teachers.Problem ensued between Martin and Cheryl. Jess was the RHS’s principal. Martin was the supervisory boss of Cheryl. Cheryl was in-charge of Physics laboratory while Martin oversees Biology laboratory and the entire units including three other staff members reporting to him. Presently, Cheryl was doing very well until the number of students offering Physics reduced thus resulting to the College adding more responsibilities to her. If she refuses to work with Martin her new boss, her job might be on-the-line or she takes up a part time role. However, Cheryl reluctantly accepted to work with Martin as a result of the fact that she does not want to lose her job and moreover she was already having some problems at home. Martin did not like Cheryl and likewise Cheryl. Cheryl had a University degree while Martin does not and acquired his own trainings through work experience.Consequently, since Cheryl could no longer cope with balancing the time differences between her Physics and Biology labs, she confronted Martin but it did not help matters. She then went to Principal to intimate him that the new arrangement was not working as planned, and prior to this time, Martin had already met with the Principal and told the Principal that the arrangement was working well, that the contract should be renewed for another six months and Cheryl does not like this idea.3.Case Study AnalysisThe real issues here arose as a result of the conflict between Cheryl and Martins both employees of RHS. Part of the conflict ensued following inadequate teaching personnel, decision making issues, job design and job analysis, performance appraisal, work teams and conflict management, motivation and negotiation which seems to be lacking at the...

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