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Conflict management has always been an interesting subject in an organization. I was Senior Security analyst for a company named L&T in India. As a senior member, conflict management has been one of the most challenging aspects for me. At work, we were always firefighting and had the responsibility to resolve the continuous technical problems of our internal (software developer) and external (customers and partners) clients. Our team had to not only firefight with the existing issues but also had to focus on developing and improving current security projects. This stressful atmosphere led to undesirable amount of conflicts within our team which had positive as well as negative impacts on our unit. Through this paper, I would like to discuss how conflict management has been a challenge for me as a senior security analyst, steps that I had taken to resolve it and what I could have done to ameliorate it by learning from class presentations and slides.
While being there for 2 years, it was quite apparent that there were many conflicts within the team. There were evident sources of conflict. My team of 25 members was divided into sub-teams comprising of 5 members per sub-team. Teams were formed on basis of seniority rather than expertise. This led to difference in opinions, ideas and methodologies. Senior members had their set of opinions and ideas which were completely different from fresher and younger employees. These sub-teams had people who were completely different from each other which led to differentiation within the teams. Each sub-teams had their set of goals and commitments towards the company. Hence, their goals were incompatible with each other. The only task that was common amongst the sub-teams was to resolve complex technical issues of the clients over the phone. Each sub-teams had members were different level of expertise and hence were assigned roles to troubleshoot the issue. If sub-team 1 cannot resolve the issue then the issue was passed to sub-team 2 and was eventually passed on to the fifth sub-team. This was one of the biggest reason for conflicts – task interdependence. As mentioned earlier, these teams were classified on basis of seniority, hence there was communication problems due to age gap and ego of the senior members. These were some of the sources of conflict in the organization where I worked. Senior member were attacking the younger members of other sub-teams. This resulted in dissatisfaction and stress amongst the younger members. In my opinion, this was a clear scenario of task-related conflict (Class 12 Slides, Conflicts and Negotiation, slide 8). The consequences of this conflict was diversion and diffusion of energy and resources. Younger members lost energy and productivity due to personal comments and conflicts. This atmosphere had damped the energy and enhanced organizational politics (Class 12 Slides, Conflicts and Negotiation, slide 10).
After analysing the situation, I realized that this a win-lose...

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