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Conflict Management Styles Essay

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Conflict management is a strategized approach to understanding the complexity of conflict within any environment. Sources of conflict can derive from many avenues and include such things as scare resources to personal beliefs and work styles and lack of communication. Conflict is said to be inevitable and subjected to time and change. However, many organizations, including the federal department, have created functional methods through the use of historical theorist to become better aware of contribution and resolutions into conflict management. The criminal justice system within the United States have been subjected to many conflicts that hinder the progress of adaptability. What has been uncovered throughout decades of research is that human conflict is intertwined into the very fabric of our society, making it a formidable adversary.
The United States Department of Justice and all inferior law enforcement agencies that is umbrella under this hierarchy is not exempt from conflict. Conflict management derives from historical events that have altered the current perception of conflict management and proposes a resolution method for many areas within the justice system. The conflict model is a primary example of the easiest forms of theoretical approaches to conflict management. Additional examples would include that of the consensus perceptive, the pluralist perspective, conflict perspective and restorative justice theories. Although each provides a certain field within the justice system with a more comprehensive approach, not all are equally beneficial in all areas. It is inevitable that the association of conflict is derived from societal change and perception plus approaches are manipulated accordingly as situations evolve.
The federal, state and local agencies that are tasked with criminal justice practice are subjected to conflict regardless of position, however, it is the responsibility of managers to find effective measure to ensure the reduction of conflict. Within each facet of the criminal justice system, managers within each area of study are tasked with implementing the most effective and appropriate theory for their conflict management style/s. According to author Richard Kania (Kania, 2008, pp. 141-143), explain how change will naturally cause conflict regardless of locality and criminal behavior involvement. Conflict theorist such as Ralf Dahrendorf and Austin Turk have provided us with an exceptional understanding of conflict management and the ever changing environment in which it is inevitably incorporated into. They further discuss the complexity involved in determining the right approach for that given situation, however, it...

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Conflict Management Styles Essay

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