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Conflict Management Skills Essay

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How can we solve the conflict in our relationship? This question may be asked by many people. A conflict can occur when there is a disagreement or negative communication between people. Conflicts are common in relationships, marriages, between friends, and co-workers. They are normal and impossible to avoid. Although conflicts are impossible to avoid, there are several conflict management strategies that can be used to help resolve any conflict.
There are two conflict management skills that will be useful to me as I continue to grow personally. The first conflict management skill is being a mindful listener. It is very important to consider the other person’s idea, thoughts and actions without making judgment. Show respect by paying attention and gain an understanding of what is occurring and being said. Most importantly, be cautious of how you respond. According to the Help Guide (2013), “Mindful listeners help to improve both mental and physical health and it is a key element in happiness.” (key points & par. 2) This article also gives examples of several techniques to help improve the way we listen. One of the techniques mentioned explains a strategy to use to help with emotions. According to the Help Guide (2013), “Allow emotions to be present without judgment by practicing a steady and relaxed naming of emotions.” (Mindfulness Techniques line 4)
The second conflict management skill is taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and issues. This can be accomplished by owning your thoughts, feelings, and issues. We can control these factors and the way that we communicate them, whether verbally or nonverbally. According to (2008), accepting personal responsibility involves “Working out anger, hostility, pessimism and depression, letting go of blame and anger, and realizing that you determine your feelings.” (Section 1 of Accepting Personal Responsibility)
In week 9, I discussed the media conflict between two well-known entertainers, Chris Brown and Rihanna. In 2009, an argument between...

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