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Conflict Management In The Classroom Essay

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Looking through the eyes of a special education elementary teacher, there are many ways I could intervene if two of my kids got into a heated verbal argument in front of me so I can reestablish a productive learning environment. An example of a short-term intervention I would try doing is calmly step in so that I could ask them what the argument was about. I would do this calmly so that I can model a positive behavior for them. If we can not end the argument by simply talking through it, for example if one of them were still upset, I would ask them to remember and then think about the concept behind perspective taking. I would try to make it clear to them that we must look at the situation through the eye’s of the other person. I should not have to go into this topic, because one of the things I will do in my classroom is frequently ask my kids to reflect on other people’s thoughts and feelings. This is a long-term intervention I want to establish. I feel if I do this then it will lead to a productive learning environment which will benefit my kids greatly. If I have an multiple intervention plans then I can try and prevent certain unacceptable behaviors. In this certain situation I would ask one of my kids, Elise, what she thinks the other child, Laci, is feeling about the situation and the argument they are having. Then I would ask Laci the same question. The reason I would be asking them how they think the other person feels is because I want to be using age-appropriate language when dealing with their situation so they understand what I am talking about. This is an example of a short-term intervention, because I will do it every time a situation occurs.

It is crucial to start kids at a young age to begin to understand their peers and be able to develop productive interpersonal and social skills. With saying this I want to teach my kids how to apply the principles of social problem solving in situations like this. Social problem solving is a skill that kids must be taught. I cannot just expect my kids to be able to apply this skill to their...

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