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Graffiti is writings and/or drawings that are scribbled, sprayed, scratched, or painted on a wall in public area (Wikipedia). Graffiti writers usually write on walls around poor area with cities, yards, and transportations (trains, subways, metro bus, etc.). Their position is to express their words freely out in public and private area. Some people think graffiti is art because it is the writers’ idea to express what it represent, yet other people are not satisfied that graffiti writers spray paint on public walls. Is graffiti considered art? Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination (Wikipedia), therefore, graffiti is not considered art because it destroys public and private areas and uses illegal words against society for various reasons.
Many communities considered graffiti art because artists express their words; they have the right to freedom of speech. However, graffiti is not art if it creates violence. Freedom of speech does not extend to inciting violence. For instance, Erika Hayasaki wrote an article, Art Wars on Urban Canvas, that graffiti crew, known as Demented Young Mind, are against street art because street artists are taking over their public wall and drawing their graffiti and tags, so graffiti crew are starting a war by writing “DYM” over street drawing claiming that Demented Young Mind is taking over their territory (Hayasaki). Demented Young Mind causes more trouble than street artists. Hayasaki says, “Much of the public considers graffiti abrasive and difficult to decipher, but street art is often seen as aesthetically pleasing. Anyone caught doing either can be arrested for vandalism” (Hayasaki). Graffiti crew has the right to freedom of speech against street art, but they are violating the law from their action. When Demented Young Mind destroys street art after writing over the artist’s creation, the people argue that graffiti have inappropriate manners by ruining the artwork that is created on the wall. Graffiti crew show that they are creating violence by having a war against street art and destroying street artists’ paintings. Artists create an area where they put many effort and idea to complete it. But when graffiti ruins street painting, all the hard work the artists paint turn out to be a waste; which is why graffiti is not art because it takes away an artists’ creation.
Even though graffiti argue against street art by their action rather than inciting the right to freedom of speech, graffiti destroys public and private area; turning the city into a ghetto area and damage the environment. Kim Canon wrote an article called, Graffiti artists have moved into Spring Branch. She interviews the police officers that graffiti is vandalizing at Spring Branch Independent School District. The police officers are still following the law that it is illegal to paint buildings or residences without the owner’s authorization (Canon). They are doing whatever they can to keep the district clean...

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