Conflict Resolution And Peacemaking Essay

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In North Texas an ongoing conflict has been unraveling drastically. A suburb located on the outer skirts of Dallas called Farmers Branch has been overtaken with illegal immigrants. This issue has been going on for a couple of years now. The residences of Farmers Branch have had enough and have taken their issue to the city council. The city council looked into the issue and saw that there was a problem so they took this issue to the higher up. The city of Farmers Branch has issued an ordinance for English as the primary language, banning landlords from leasing to illegal immigrants, and penalizing businesses that employ undocumented workers. According to the Dallas Local News, Farmers Branch won the immigration law and now has a city Ordinance 2903. (Sandoval, 2007)City Ordinance 2903 is the a new law that was just passed a couple of days ago banning landlords to rent to illegal immigrants, enforcing English as the primary language, and fining landlords and businesses for employing and renting to illegal immigrants. Protesters have stood outside the court house hold signs saying "Why does my family have to leave?" Texas neighbors Mexico so many illegal immigrants come to the USA to live with relatives who already reside here with a citizenship. This has been an ongoing issue for decades. (Sandoval, 2007)Do I agree with this new ordinance being passed? I would have to say yes. Not only is Farmers Branch being swarmed with illegal immigrants many other suburbs and cities are too. I hope to see this ordinance be passed in surrounding counties as well. Illegal immigration has put a toll on North Texas. One may not be aware that a dark side to illegal immigration exists. Jobs now require an employee to be bilingual because many Hispanics live here in the North Texas region. It has become harder for a U.S. Citizen here in the United States because English is our primary language and now have to learn Spanish just to get a job. About half of our population is overrun by illegal immigrants. I do not find it wrong for them to come to America, I just think they should obtain citizenship if they want to live here and learn our language. If I was...

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