Conflict Resolution Strategies To Implement While Working In Teams

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As defined by Esquivel and Kleiner, "conflict is generally a disagreement regarding interests or ideas" (1997, p. 89). Conflict does not only happen within groups, but it can also happen within an individual. Although, conflict is usually viewed as being a negative force, it also has "important implications in increasing the effectiveness of a team's decision making process (Esquivel & Kleiner, 1997, p. 89). Conflict will only become a problem if it is not dealt with properly. Even though team mates should be able to come to an agreement while solving conflicts, resolutions can be very difficult to agree upon because everyone has their own way of dealing with situations and everyone has their own unique personalities.Dealing with a conflict can be very challenging while working in a team environment. As stated by Capozzoli (1999), "without conflict, complacency in teams can occur and the development of the team and/or the team member can be seriously impeded" (p. 14). Quite frequently, people involved in conflicts have never learned how to negotiate solutions in an effective manner (Capozzoli, 1999). When people within a group have the appropriate knowledge to deal with conflicts, they can help to resolve confrontations in an effective way. Solving conflicts with the right skills can help "resolve disagreements which ultimately will lead to an overall more productive organization as a whole" (Capozzoli, 1999, p. 14).Some reasons that conflicts may arise in a group are: values, attitudes, needs, expectations, perception, resources, and personality (Capozzoli, 1999). Most people have different values and different perceptions on how to deal with problems, which is why a conflict may develop when team members are searching for a solution. Individuals also have different attitudes and personalities which may lead to differences in opinions when working towards certain goals, which may cause a conflict within the group. Team members are there to work together to achieve a goal; when certain needs and expectations of an individual are not met while working toward that goal, then conflict may arise. Resources may also be a reason for conflict within a group. If members are having a difficult time finding information for a certain project because of scarce resources, that may cause tension between members and a conflict would eventually develop.A conflict can only become a constructive force if dealt within an effective manner. Capozzoli outlines in his article both constructive and destructive forces that can occur with a conflict.Conflict can be considered constructive if: 1) people change and grow personally from the conflict, 2) the conflict results in a solution to a problem, 3) it increases the involvement of everyone affected by the conflict, 4) it builds cohesiveness among the members of a team. Conflict can be considered destructive if: 1) no decision is reached and the problem still exists, 2) if it diverts energy from more value adding...

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1501 words - 6 pages Conflict Resolution Strategies Conflict has long been viewed as negative, and is usually associated with things as trivial as an argument to something as extreme as war, and is seldom seen as beneficial. In the team environment however, conflict can be very beneficial if recognized early and managed properly and can enhance team performance as well as relationships between team members. Conflict is inevitable as humans interact, because not

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1112 words - 4 pages that everybody is looking for the same result and working towards the same goal.There are three common resolution strategies these are:1.Negotiation2.Mediation and3.Arbitration.The Negotiation is where each member of the team gives their point of view about the conflict and offers a possible solution to resolve it; usually teams find a solution for the conflict using this strategy.The Mediation; If during the first strategy members of the team

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1161 words - 5 pages alternative dispute resolution (4th ed.). Edina, MN: Burgess, 67-98.Parker, G. (2003). Cross-functional teams: working with allies, enemies, and other strangers. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 170.Porter, S. (2003). Managing conflict in learning teams. University of Phoenix. 3-5.Temme, J. and Katzel, J. (1995, January 9). Calling a team a team doesn't mean that it is: Successful teamwork must be a way of life. Plant Engineering, 49(1), 112-114.Wisinski, J. (1993). Resolving conflicts on the job. New York: American Management Association. 27-31.

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2446 words - 10 pages have animosity, hostility, un-resolveable differences, and egos to deal with. The list citing negative conflicts could go on forever. We will be investigating these types of conflicts, what managers can do to recognize conflict early, and what strategies they can use to resolve conflicts once they have advanced. Recognizing conflict in the business environment Recognizing and understanding what causes conflict in the business environment

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1008 words - 4 pages importance of conflict resolution now days it's becoming more popular to analyze conflict strategies before making a definite decision. Everyone has different ways of doing their work that's why we should try to be more understanding when working in teams and always try to cooperate as much as we can so that the conflicts can be minimized. The most popular technique to handle conflict in a survey done in 2005 was problem solving (Winter, Neal and Waner