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Conflict Theory Within The Social Classes

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The conflict theory is defined as the social collision between two different groups who are trying to accomplish the same task but have some sort of inequality within them. Examples of the conflict theory are demonstrated in popular television shows and movies and incorporated in the lifestyles of everyday people. The three examples that are going to be used are the children’s show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, the common television series “Revenge”, and a popular YouTube video “Wealth Inequality in America”.
There are many examples of the conflict theory within the social classes. One of which exists in a children’s television show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. They live in the “Tipton Hotel” which in real life is equivalent to the Hilton or any other extremely nice hotel. Basically, there is mostly the top 20% who live in this hotel then there is one family, a mother and her twin boys named Zack and Cody. They were not within the bottom 20% but they were very close to it. The school and everything were right around the hotel and everything was provided to them except when it came to the upper class. For example, every time London got exactly what she wanted she would always say “Yay Me”! This occurred multiple times in each show while the twins were constantly getting blamed for her mistakes and scolded for the things they did wrong. Also, London is a very uneducated spoiled teenage girl who struggles to just speak everyday has great grades because she is treated differently by the teachers and also has the money to pay for someone to help her. While Zack and Cody struggle big time with their grades. They struggle to focus and stay on the right track with their school work because they hve so many distractions and issues of their own to deal with on top of the fact that they do not have the money to provide extra external health. This goes to show that the upper class is treated better and with more respect than the lower classes. The upper class always came first for anything such as food, academics, and priorities. It is very sad to see the inequalities between social classes are exposed to children before they even know it.
As a child I was not very well off with money, again not in the bottom 20% but within the average Americans. I always knew that the upper class was more prestigious and had more than I would ever have and always wondered why. I discovered within this study that it generally was the children’s shows that did create this image to me. Personally I don’t believe that children should be exposed to the inequalities more than they are exposed to equality. Even though there is more inequality in this society than there should be, no child should be concerned about its quality of living.
There is a popular television series, “Revenge” which CLEARLY shows the differences between the class systems. The Grayson’s along with their neighbor Amanda Clark have more money than anyone could imagine. They are...

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