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Conflicted Marriages Impact On Children's Life

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In our current society, children are experiencing negative effects of parental conflicts among married couples. The conflicts are either direct or indirect however, they result in several inefficiencies in cognitive development, behavior, and overall performance in the involved children. Nevertheless, research can possible prove that there is a incisive percentage of individuals who have derived from prior conflicting homes, and now exemplify the ideal successful lifestyle. It is in my interest and the interest of some other researchers that these individuals reach out to the younger portion of their connected counterparts in understanding/empathizing, mentoring and giving them direction to a better well-being.
Purpose of the Study
To assess if marital conflicts between parents has a direct dramatic negative affect on the outcome of their children. If there is an indirect negative affect on children, what are the causes of the indirect or displaced behavior of parents towards the child/children.
Literature Review
Researchers have conducted studies on how marital conflict is a significant source of environmental stress for children. There has been evidence of its indirect affects and direct affects. Witnessing such conflict may harm their stress response systems, affecting their mental and intellectual development. Research findings suggest that stress from marital conflict can hinder children’s development of cognitive ability.
The theme of the research includes finding supporting evidence that marital conflicts among parents does negatively impact child cognitive development. This particular literature was published on March 28, 2013. Due to this study being so vastly tested it is not the most current research done on the topic nevertheless, it is very up to date in its findings. Its authors include Assistant Professor J. Benjamin Hinnant of the Catholic University of America. Hinnant states that “The findings provide further evidence that stress affects the development of the body’s stress response systems that may regulate attention, and that how these systems work is tied to the development of cognitive ability.”
The objective of the research is to determine if there is a relationship between marital conflicts among parents and child cognitive development. The author’s thesis includes marital conflicts between contributing a tremendous amount of stress on children which leads to behavioral issues and cognitive development. The research for this particular study is qualitative considering the results emerge from the responses and observations of the participants.
Researchers at Auburn University and the Catholic University of America looked at 251 children various backgrounds who lived in two-parent homes. Children reported on their exposure to marital conflict when they were 8. They reflected on the frequency, intensity, and lack of resolution of conflicts between their parents. The study evaluated how children’s stress...

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