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Conflicting Strategies Inventory Essay

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The Conflict Strategies Inventory is a type of index that predicts the look of an individual’s preferred method of addressing conflict. It breaks each person down and assigns one of five distinct profiles based upon answers to various scenarios that a person may encounter in the work force. It is important to understand that although the individual preferred profile indicates what the individual’s preference will be in a given situation, all of us have the ability to exhibit all of the profiles at some point. In other words, each situation is difference and has different circumstances and therefore each situation may require the person to step outside of their natural profile and address ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, the agreed price is higher than the original offer from the purchaser and lower than the salesman originally presented; in effect, neither party walked away from the negotiation completely satisfied with the results.
I am not surprised by my results and find them to be fairly accurate in both my professional life as well as my personal life. Professionally, I have been described as a salesman and am often tasked as the person to deliver uncomfortable messages to others because of my ability to “sell” ideas to others that may otherwise push back. Likewise, in my personal life I grew up observing my father negotiate deals with others at yard sales and outdoor auctions in order to make a deal that maximized the limited family funds. I learned at an early age that in order to strike a deal for something that was important to me, I would have to be willing to give up something that was important to someone else; this is the foundation of the capitalistic society. Typically, the compromising profile revolves around some type of transaction; either something monetary or a trade of activities or services. For issues or conflicts that are more argumentative in nature, I tend to fall back on my second profile type of Integrating. My integrating personality allows me to better relate to and build relationships with employees and emerging friendships. Often, in a situation where integrating is required, I am more than willing to give up more because I feel that the relationship itself is more important than the sacrifice.
Upon reflecting about the index and my individual results, I have no enlightening surprises about my index profile with the single exception that all five of my preferences are in close proximity to one another. I have participated in this type of profile index in the past and find the results to be both consistent and predictable. My personal and professional successes are a direct result of the strengths that accompany my profile type and this is exampled when people witness me in conflict situations. I feel that the Compromising profile incorporates all of the good attributes in all of the other profile types. For example, I am a firefighter at heart; I enjoy the excitement of an immediate problem that needs to have an immediate action plan. In the past, I have been accused of creating this type of situation in order to experience the adrenaline rush that accompanies managing chaos; I truly strive for the pressure and action involved in firefighting solutions. On occasion, I do admit defeat while attempting to negotiate in situations where conflict needs dealt with immediately and I do not possess full authority to do...

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