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Conflicts And Religion In "Roselily" Essay

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This short story "Roselily" by Alice Walker is written as thoughts between reciting wedding vows. A paragraph will go by, and then a short wedding sentence will spawn the next paragraph. For instance, "We are gathered here..." and then the new paragraph begins. The central character is a woman named Roselily and the setting is in Mississippi during her wedding ceremony in an open house wedding. The central conflict involves the emotional dilemma that she is having about getting married and leaving everything that she has ever known. Other conflicts are race, having to give a child away (has 3 others), and religion. The whole time she talks about leaving childhood friends. Nervousness is one of her character traits and a good quote to show this is, "Her fingers at the last minute busily removing dry leaves and twigs. Aware it is a superficial sweep." She is hopeful of the future and what it has to bring her and her new family. Roselily also cares deeply about her children and thinks, "Her children at last from underneath the detrimental wheel. A chance to be on top." Another trait that she has is a willingness to donate her body and mind for a cause. Her selflessness is a great quality and it shines through with how she has tackled the hardships in her past.

One of the supporting characters in the story was the husband. The husband is a dark figure who is wearing a black tuxedo and also drives a gray car. He is never put to a name, which leaves him very mysterious. His religion does not match Roselily's and she obsesses about that often. He wants to take Roselily and her children to Chicago where they can start a new life. He represents Roselily's future and what is to come. His religion makes her say this quote, "His place of worship. Where she will be...

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