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Conflicts Between Palestine And Israel Essay

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine is on going. Through different issues like border security and control of Jerusalem, but the major issue is the religion issue. In this report, there are two unresolved issues about the Palestine refugees and Israeli Security Concerns. Palestine is on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to the west of Jordan and to the south of the Lebanon. The total surface areas of Palestine are 26500km².

The Palestinian refugees included Arabs that the original is in Israel and Jews. In the year of 1948, the right of return was recognized in the United Nations with 194 committees. Nowadays, the term primarily refers to the descendants of Arab originating in the Mandate. In the year of 2012, based on the UNRWA registration requirements, the number of refugees in the Palestine originally increased to 4,959,000 people. However, the number of original Palestine refugees has decreased in 1950. The reason is because the Palestine War occurred. There are more than 85% of people has become Israel and left Palestine. There are two major reasons, because of the drive forces of fear and the instruction of Arab leadership. Therefore, at the end, the number of Palestine citizens has declined to 50,000 in 2012. () After the situation, the Palestinian citizens displaced the population, which they disclosed that they are the largest in the world. Besides, they are also the oldest unsettled refugee populations that have been controlled under the government of Arab States in 1948. Since the six-day war, the condition of life has changed and became precarious. All the citizens in Palestine have denied in Lebanon, where the Palestinian refugees have the rights of citizenship.

In 1967, the one who has registered and assisted by UNWRA in more than 50 registered camps of the Six-Day War. This is an action corporate with new Palestinian refugees. The displaced population is the largest in the world. On the day on 11 December in the year of 1948, the refugees have been called to return from the continuous Arab-Israeli hostilities. A “right of return” has been formed for the Palestinian Arab.

Israel is a country located close to the Mediterranean Sea in the Southwest of Asia. In the history, the roots of the conflict between Israeli and Palestinian sink till nowadays, however, the contemporary conflict area tour for the vicissitudes for the 20th century. () There are two stages that they have paraded for two thousand of people such as Jewish, Roman, Arabic, Crossed, British, French and both superpowers of the cold war. The United States and the Soviet Union, which they supported Israel and radical Arabs respectively. ()
General Perspectives of Palestinians and Israelis

Graph 1: The population between the Jews and Arabs in 1914 to 2005 ()

Refer to diagram 1, it showed the population between the Jews and Arabs in the 1914 to 2005. We can see that the number of Jews has increased significantly in 91 years time. The...

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