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Conflicts In "The Storm" Essay

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Conflict is one of the main driving forces behind a story. Without conflict the characters in the story would have no reason to do anything. Because of this every story requires some type of conflict in order to progress. The types of conflict can range from a man enduring the elements, known as man against nature, or as one character against a larger group, man against society. In addition to the other styles of conflict, the most relatable and compelling is when one character is set against another, known as man against man. Kate Chopin’s story “The Storm” displays three examples of a man against man style conflict, Bobinot against his wife Calixtra, Alcee against Calixta, and Alcee ...view middle of the document...

However Calixtra, instead of being angry at their state is instead glad to see them again. Bobinot’s expectation of how he believes his wife will act in response to their state sets up this conflict, where his preparation turned out to be unnecessary. This in turn is a reflection of all of their conflict, where in which one of them worries over the other, for what turns out to be no reason.
The second type of conflict that is shown in the story is Calixtra against Alcee. First we have Alcee requiring shelter from the storm, and afterwards his actions with Calixtra. Alcee’s need of shelter sets up this conflict, as he is all but forced to go inside Calixtra’s home to keep from getting soaked. This results in the two being alone for the duration of the storm, which sets up the next part of their conflict, the actions that the two took during the storm while sheltered in Calixtra’s house. The line “She was a little fuller of figure than five years before when she married; but she had lost nothing of her vivacity” informs the reader that the two had a relationship with each other before her marriage. With this knowledge it becomes easy to see why the two would engage acts of romance during the storm. After their passion, the lines “The rain beat softly upon the shingles, inviting them to drowsiness and sleep. But they dared not yield.” suggest that the two realize they could not be caught with each other. This allows us to see the main focus of their conflict, being forced to deal with the fallout from their actions. After Alcee leaves, Calixtra greets her husband joyously, her demeanor making Bobinot’s prepared words useless, as shown in the line “Bobinôt's explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as Calixta felt him to see if he were dry”. Alcee on the...

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