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Conflicts With The Middle East Essay

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Disorder in the Middle East cannot be stopped with stereotypes, unfair judgment calls, and warfare. Understanding all of the facts and clearly thinking through all of the different perspectives of Middle Easterners, may help to stop being judgmental and understand where they are coming from. The Middle East has already gone through war and violence. Many of them fear it will continue for eternity. Although some Middle Easterners have committed acts of terrorism and are portrayed and perceived as violent, angry, and vengeful people, that does not mean that the whole ethnic group should be persecuted.
Many Middle Easterners are seen as people filled with hate and anger flowing in their veins, but this anger could be coming from the harsh stereotypes that Americans place upon them. Security is an important topic that should be taken seriously, but not to the extent where one single ethnicity feels like they are being prejudiced against. Are the random security ...view middle of the document...

Constant negative news reports and articles portraying Middle Easterners as monstrous beasts do not help the way many people automatically picture them. Negative publicity influences the public’s view the Middle Eastern ethnicity. Aside from the small handful of Middle Easterners who have indeed committed terrorist crimes, Middle Easterners are hardworking, successful people who strive for a good life, but headlines with the words “war,” “terrorist,” and “Middle East” shape the way people think of all Middle Easterners. The media needs to become more sensitive towards these matters and not become desensitized. More negative information the press publishes, the more common it becomes in the public’s eyes so that every time they read these articles they blow it off and think “What’s going to change?” and “War is always going to over there, what’s new?” These issues are affecting the lives of the innocent and should not be taken lightly.
Although war has been brewing between Middle Easterners for centuries, Israelis and Palestinians must fight to find a peaceful resolution to this long-lived issue. Innocent men, women, and children are being killed for the crimes of only a few. The next generation must learn to band together to efface the footprints of their ancestral conflicts. Young boys and girls must learn from mistakes from their past and work to create a new and better world. They are the only ones with the ability to be a better people and look for a solution that will benefit all.
Even though a small number of Middle Easterners have enacted horrific crimes, that does not give the nation the right to judge and persecute their whole race. “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” There is more to a story than what may appear on the outside. Society needs to accept that racial stereotypes forge a canyon that Middle Easterners cannot cross on their own without help. Negative publicity aids segregation by planting bad associations with the Middle East. Countless innocent people are being wrongfully punished, and the canyon must be closed. Middle Easterners are not all threatening. Most are hard working successful regular people striving for a good life, but without the support from the public, they will never feel accepted into society.

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