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Conformity can be a really good thing or it can be a bad thing. It really all depends on what you are conforming to, or how you are conforming. According to conformity is the action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices (2). Most people would say that conforming is bad, but if there is two sides to everything. If you are going to conform for the sake of the law then it is a good thing. Or if you conform to a specific religion then conforming is a really good thing. On the other side of this you can conform and it could be really bad. You can be asked to conform to a specific situation that can true out bad. Conforming in your values and/or ...view middle of the document...

People conform in the way they dress, the way they act, and the way they perceive the world around them.
There are many different ways that once conforms in society. Politicians conform to what the people want, or what is most likely to get them voted into office. This is good for the America people because it gets what we need and want into office. A business conforms to their customers so that they have highly satisfied customers. That way they are always making money. The technology industry is always conforming to the wants of the consumer. When the consumer decides they want a bigger, thinner flat screen television that is what the technology industry is going to give them. They try to always stay one step ahead of the consumer. Learning and schooling is always conforming to the tax payer and the school boards. One school may changes what or how they are doing something and it seems to work, than everyone else is going to conform to that. In these tips of circumstances it is good to conform.
However, conforming can also be a bad thing. When we decide to match our attitudes and behaviors with other people we lose part or ourselves. Instead of being our own person we are no longer thinking for ourselves. People stop thinking critically about their actions and blindly follow the people or authorities around them. You no longer care what it right, what is nobal, or what is true. You just latch onto someone else’s ideas and run with it. And if said persons ides are corrupt then so is your conforming.
All you have to look at is World War Two. Hitler convened over sixteen million people to conform to his way of thinking. The people that were in his army stopped thinking critically about their actions. The result of that was that over eleven million people died between 1933 and 1945. The Nazi Army conformed, the Germans conformed, and all the people that were not willing to help stop that killing conformed. Conforming can be a very dangerous thing.
There are some key factors that lead to conforming. That way I see it is that there are three key things that lead someone to conform. First, whoever you are conforming to has something you want. If you see that a...

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