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A Quality Of American Identity: We Are Not Independent Becaue We Have Conformity

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A Quality of American Identity: We Are Not Independent Because We Have Conformity
It was thought that throughout American history, one of the most significant qualities of the culture was individualism. The idea of individual freedoms was a forceful motive driving to the independence of America. America, in the efforts of pursuing individualism, had influenced numerous fights which stemmed from movements. There was the American Revolution which began on April 19, 1775 caused by the instigation of the Seven Years’ War which began in 1754. Since the earlier periods in which America’s patriotism highlighted it as important, something American culture has always strived to attain was independence. But, according to the modern history of America “the great”, there is only the realistic portrayal of restrictions in society and conformity. Conformity, although it is not an ideal quality of American identity, is the most apparent in its culture.
Conformity is defined as doing and thinking as others and therefore following a standard that is socially acceptable and or expected. Conformity, in most cases is not always decided by an individual but is rather inflicted upon them because society has set a certain trend as a fixed standard. These trends are pushed as regulations or requirements and because the people who are citizens fear persecution, America has become a country of followers.
Our country’s daily chant of The Pledge of Allegiance mentions that the country stands as a republic “with liberty ¬¬¬¬and justice for all”. The claim describing initial intentions of America is wrong because of the fact that American culture was never run in a way to promote prosperity of each individual. Many times people are directed to stand for themselves but that is not the way it actually plays out. Even in modern America, the one who is “different” becomes much like a moving target on the hit list of everyone. Much of our society is actually depicted by the common saying, monkey see, monkey do. The rules of America entail a corrupt perception in the views of authorities who side together in the demeanor that “a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it” (Miller).
There are pressures of American society that have easily become a burden in urging individuals to follow conformity. Much like Richard’s description in Black Boy, conformity is prominent in hindering the quality of persons. “Then how could one live in a world in which one’s mind and perceptions meant nothing and authority and tradition meant everything” (Wright 43). At such a young age, the harsh reality came to Richard as he was slowly beginning to understand the corruption due to inequality. For a young boy raised at that time, also later expressed by his own grandmother, it was crucial for him to follow only what was socially acceptable for him as an African American in the South. He was only allowed to act a certain way, respond and speak in a particular manner, and do...

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