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In Mark Twain’s intriguing essay “Corn-Pone Opinions”, he discusses the issue of conformity. Twain utilizes repetition and direct claims in order to effectively form a strong opinion on conformity.
One device Twain uses to develop his view on conformity is repetition. While discussing man’s inability of having a self-created opinion, but rather conforming to another opinion, he uses the phrase, “he must” (Twain, 718) five separate times. By repeating those two words, Twain shows how conformity is a requirement, not an option. Instead of reasoning out personal thoughts on a subject, people conform to the majority’s belief on that subject. People base opinions off on other people, which is Twain’s main point in his essay. Later on, he uses repetition once again to discuss the common changes in manners and man’s inability to think for themselves. Twain uses the pronoun “we” (719) to include everybody in his perspective on conformity. By ranging the settings, “…table manners, and company manners, and street manners…” (719), he shows how conformity impacts every aspect of life. Also, any time repetition is used, it catches the attention of anyone. This example of repetition makes the reader understand that everybody conforms to outside forces, including Twain. By including himself in his statement, he points out that conformity is not something people can escape. Even though he has a negative view on conformity, Twain admits that he cannot evade the action. Using himself as an example allows the readers to connect with the author and see him as a trustworthy source of information. Twain adds on in the end of this example that no person uses reason to form an opinion; they simply conform to other’s opinions as their own. Again, by using “we”, he includes everybody in his discussion. Using repetition enhances Twain’s argument and supports his view that everyone must conform, even though it...

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