Confucius Curry And A Mountain Dew

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As Americans, we ridicule others based on their selection of clothing. We are snobby because of how much money we make or what we hold as an occupation. We chew with our mouths full of macaroni and curse when the soda machine is out of Pepsi. We could use some manners, or maybe just a reintroduction. Confucius thought is constructed on kindness and propriety, as well as holding the morally virtuous to be the ideal person. This philosophy exceedingly expresses value in benevolence, education, and the treatment of other people, but has hidden innuendos that would knock the petals off any flower child. In this reflection paper, I will dabble with how incorporating Confucius thought and practices would help in some areas of American society, but shun the validity of others.

Money Over Everything
The definition of the American Dream fluctuates from person to person, but can ultimately lead to a broad basis: With hard work and dedication, one can achieve success. And with success, comes happiness. We strive for happiness. In this journey, most come to understand that a college education is the key to becoming knowledgeable, and knowledge is important in becoming successful. Therefore, going to college can lead to success, right? Not a difficult concept to grasp. With the staggering rates of tuition bills and the dwindle of job availability, it would seem the path to success narrows each day. Those with money to cover these costs aren't usually too worried about their debts, seeing as they could squash them like ants. In America, our education is highly valued, but the value of education is incredibly too high. Confucius was not around for colleges and technical institutions, so the subject matter of his teachings did not include digital imaging or even how to screw in a light bulb. However, they did include poetry, government, speech and the fine arts, much of which is taught today. More importantly, he taught his subjects about grace and tenure; how language was crucial because of it's elegance, or how morality is the seed for growth. The difference in education was not the teachings, but the acceptance of those who wanted to learn. As stated in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: “Confucius is willing to teach anyone, whatever their social standing, as long as they are eager and tireless.” The point I'm trying to make is that Confucius also held a high value on education, but he made sure it was achievable by anyone. Education was fragile and not taken for granted. Knowledge was and is beautiful, but can be shaped into forms that leave people disinterested especially money is involved. We make the reach of achieving success nearly impossible by pricing words and thoughts enormously high levels. It is like telling a child to reach the pantry, but locking up the ladder.

Your Momma's So...Stop That!
Confucius said, “What I do not wish men to do to me, I also wish not to do to men. ” That line is major quote that is held dearly in...

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Confucius Curry And A Mountain Dew

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