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Confucius The Great Philosopher Essay

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Confucius as well as many philosophers of ancient China, was very concerned about nature of the human. He tried at first, at least for himself to understand its basis. That is how he started to research teaching of human nature.
Judgement on the natural qualities of human-like thinking out loud about the quality of "working power" (Waley, 1989), which the thinker had to deal with the construction of his model of society and state.
Confucius did not despair, the main thing for him was to understand the hidden nature of human, so you can be more effectively influence it in the desired destination. Confucius was the first ever to open a human: he was a teacher of humanity in a human being. Prior to Confucius on the ground were only the gods or descendants of the gods, kings, heroes, ancestors of the divine.
Confucius with simpleness, worthy of the founder of a great civilization, has proclaimed that there is no better calling for a human than to realize himself as a human and become the only culture-the only reality that is entirely created by people. And in this effort of self-consciousness, displayed in the life of perfect, sublime and eternal, a human of Confucius, is not inferior to the gods.
Well, what, according to Confucius, makes a person a truly human, what humanizes a human? Nothing like the ability to conceptualize his life, to judge oneself, to perfect, always and in all-ability, given to human by nature and yet we have implemented through incessant and arduous effort. In it converge and come to equilibrium, causing each other, natural or cultured, knowledge and action.
But the effort of self-improvement, like any practice, any art, can not be done from scratch. It requires its own material and this material, as well saw Confucius, delivers his culture, more precisely, cultural tradition, which captures the experience of improving, samoochelovechivaniya many generations.
In the case of teaching, according to Confucius, should be valued in the first place is not original, not even clever, but simply a durable, enduring, vechnopreemstvennoe in our experience. Surely the same inescapable every moment of life, gift light of reason.
Culture, in its essence, is a life filled with awareness and consciously lived, a life undying, for it extends into eternity. A creative, a person's ability to renew itself, opening new horizons of his being, are ultimately the key to human persistence.
According to Confucius umneet human, how is the growth of a seed - an unstoppable, bounces up and endlessly: there is no limit to perfection. This organic Mougins spirit knows no dramatic reversal of fortune, nor any "tipping points" (Waley, 1989). But this, of course, does not come to itself, as pointed out by Confucius, and requires great courage, because implies the ability to comprehend its border, to overcome himself, his sight inescapable in the law of this world" (Waley, 1989).
Wisdom of Confucius is the closure body and spirit in being a...

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