Confusion Between Simulation And Reality Essay

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Information and communication technologies are a part of life. First what is an information and communication technology? Information and communication technology is a technology to handle information, get information and that is concerned with information. If there weren’t information and communication technologies in this world it would be really hard to live. But the thing is that those technologies are very useful but confuses peoples mind between simulation and reality. There are 3 technologies that can be seen in this, movies, computers and games.Most people watch movies these days for entertainment. There are all kinds of genres, Action, Dramas, Documentaries etc. But movies are really destroying the line of simulation and reality. There are a lot of cases where people watch movies and forget about reality. The famous incident Columbine high school shooting happened on 1999 when two high school students killed 12 students and 1 teacher and the 2 students commit suicide. According to the people who were concerned in this incident, the 2 students watched “Basketball Diaries” a movie about a high school student who tries to rehabilitate from the addiction from drugs. But in this film theirs a scene where a school gets involved in a shooting massacre. So it is said that 2 students couldn’t find the difference between simulation and reality and copied the scene in “Basketball Diaries”. There’s another example that’s related to a movie. “Matrix reloaded” a movie that was released in 2003 is a sequel to “The Matrix” which was released in 1999. There’s a scene in the movie where Neo (who is the main character) was asked from an old gentleman (who is the key character in this movie) if you want to save your girlfriend and let the whole human beings die or save the human beings and let your girl friend die. Neo doesn’t hesitate and answers to save his girlfriend. There was a boy that watched this movie and tried to attempt a murder. The boy and his little brother was bullied by 3 guys so he was thinking about killing the 3 guys and trying to kill as many people in their town as he could. Just like the movie “Matrix Reloaded”. So movies are one technology that confuses simulation and reality.Computers are essential to our life. We gather information by searching the web and communicate with people by chatting and e-mailing. However using computers could cause reality and simulation to mix up also. You can e-mail and chat with people you don’t know in this generation. There are tons of internet boards around the web and you can’t see the opponent when you’re chatting so people could write anything and slander people. If you get used to talking on the web you will forget how to talk with regular people face to face in real life. You will forget how reality and simulation were...

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