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Confusion On What To Eat In Food Rules By Michael Pollan

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Food Rules
In Food Rules, Michael Pollan explains how a lot of people are confused on what to eat. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” so he teaches us on what to eat. He tells us about how western diets are high in processed food, high in sugar and high in salt. In addition, diabetes type 2 , cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity are the cause of so called western disease . Another type of diet that Michael says do not cause is the traditional diet because its natural food. It says averting western diets helps improve health. The rules that I like helps me avoid process foods but a rule I don’t like requires me to eat less than I normally do.
First, A rule that I like makes me think and wonder what are all this ingredients in the product I am about to buy. The rule that I like is” Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third grader cannot pronounce” (17). The ...view middle of the document...

The change I made in my diet in order to follow this rule is eating foods that contain ingredient I am familiar with such as cooking it or making my own lemonade from lemons and doesn’t contains ingredient that I’ve never seen before or cannot pronouns. As a result, long and unpronounceable ingredient in a product is chemical and it’s unhealthy
Second, a rule that I don’t like required me to eat less than what I am normally used to eating and not fully satisfied. That rule that I don’t like and is requiring me to eat less is “Stop eating before you’re full” (103). The reason why I don’t like this rule is because I am the type of person that has to eat until I get full feel satisfied. Also, there’s times when you’re really hungry that you just want to sit down and eat till your full. There’s also food that taste so good and can’t get enough of till you’re full. For example Nutella is something I can’t get enough of and enchiladas. I will continue breaking this rule by eating till I am full and not feel guilty of eating a large amount of my favorite food such as enchiladas, burritos and any other good tasting foods. As a result, I will rather feel full and satisfied than later on getting hungry again.
In conclusion, this rules helped me on how to choose my products but it has also limited on the amount of food I should eat. What I am doing right now is looking at the back label for the type of ingredient they contain and if they contain more ingredients I cannot pronounce I just won’t buy the product. Some of the things I am doing wrong are eating chips such as lays and hot Cheetos because these products contain more of chemicals on their ingredients. What I learned from this book was that there are many products that are process and contain many chemicals and it’s not healthy for our health. A recommendation is always seeing the nutritional label and ingredients a product contains. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient on the product it’s more likely not well for your health. It might not affect you now but it will affect you later in life.

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