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Confusions Of Ethnicity Essay

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As I filled out my information on the SAT, I came across one question that made me pause: “What is your ethnicity?” My eyes scanned back and forth between the options “Hispanic/Latino” and “White”. Due to the lack of time I was given to answer these seemingly unimportant questions, I filled in the bubble next to “Other” and continued on. My father is half Brazilian and half Italian, and my mother is fully Brazilian. Throughout the course of my life I have come to identify myself as being white due to the fact that I never had the option to say I was Brazilian.awkward phrasing I have an olive complexion and dark brown hair like most “white” kids, and people seem surprised when they find out I am Brazilian. Until a couple of years ago, I had never contemplated my ethnicity.
It wasn’t till a couple years ago that I found out what prejudice was first hand. It was the first day of my freshman year when I first heard about “The Brazilian Table”. The first table on the right was the designated spot. It is mainly composed of, as you might have guessed, the Brazilian students. Students would speak of the table with a mocking tone. Because of that tone, you already had preconceived notion of those students, meaning you were already pre-judging them. The table was known as the Brazilian table for years now, but it’s not until you’re in highschool that you can see how appallingly people describe these students.
I’ve always had a personal problem with my ethnicity. I’ve never been the kid who enjoyed getting in touch with their roots. I’ve always been embarrassed of my roots because of what people prejudged about the Brazilian community. You would think this island would be very welcoming and accepting to everyone who comes here, but it’s not. The people who have lived on this island for generations are very passionate of what they want this community to look like. The island’s residents are composed mainly of white people. But the communities problem is that the small percentage of Brazilians there use to be, is now growing. The...

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