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Congenial And Obstructive On David Copperfield Charles Dickens

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Dickens is known world wide for his unique style of writing. Dickens, in his writing seperates his novels into two different societies, the congenial and the obstructive. In David Copperfield, Dickens shifts back and forth between both societies.Dickens portrays many examples of a congenial society in his book David Copperfield. Along with the congenial views he also includes obstructive views to balance the book out." David Copperfield's life before his mother married Mr. Murdstone was pleasant, he lived happily with his mother and their servant Peggotty.From the period when his mother married Mr. Murdstone to when his aunt took him in was terrible for him. He was sent away away to a run-down boarding school where he and his new friends Tommy Traddles and James Steerforth are beaten. His mother died after giving birth to a child that was fatherd by Mr. Murdstone. After this incident David is sent to work at Mr. Murdstone's wine factory where he is taken in by Mr. Micawber where he grows to love the Micawbers. Shortly after Mr. Micawber is sent to debters prision, David runs away from the factory. He then goes to his great-aunt Betsy. She takes him in and sends him to Dr. Strong's school in Canterbury.David lives in Canterbury with Mr. Wickfield who is a lawyer. There he meets the wicked Uriah Heep who takes advantage of Mr. Wickfield's drinking problem, and makes himself a partner in the firm. He also meets Agnes, they form a very close relationship.After finishing school he goes to work at Mr. Spenlow and Jorkins law firm. He there becomes engaged to Dora Spenlow.When Em'ly runs away with David's friend Steerfoth. Mr. Peggotty goes out to find her. While all this is happening, David's aunt is suddenly sent into financial ruin. David starts doing extra work to support her. He eventually marries Dora, but she proves herself inept at house work. Then he finds out that Mr. Micawber is working as a clerk for Heep and that Heep wants to marry Agnes.Dora becomes ill after the birth of their child and dies, as does the child. With the help of Martha Endell, David and Mr.Peggotty succeed in locating Em'ly; the Peggottys plan to leave for Australia to begin a new life. After exposing Uriah Heep as a criminal and a fraud--and forcing him to make reparations for all the money he embezzled--Mr. Micawber also plans to move his family to Australia. Steerforth is killed in a shipwreck, as is Ham--Em'ly's cousin, who loved her--and David remains deeply saddened by Dora's death. He travels abroad for several years but returns at last, realizing that he loves and has always loved Agnes Wickfield. Now a famous writer, David marries Agnes, and the two live happily ever after, so do their friends in Australia. ''"David remains essentially the morally reliable centre who feels and expresses the right opinions about Uriah Heep and Anne and Mr. Peggotty and the rest: even his ready acceptance of Steerforth is insisted on as a good fault, the result of too much love. So...

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