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Conglom Foods And Change Management Essay

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When a company’s leadership plans for the future, it must take into account environmental factors. Conglom Foods is in dire need of evaluating its current position and adjust to the growing situation of what the consumer wants. Sluggish sales of the past few quarters reflect a much larger issue. The market that the company once dominated in the beverage industry has declined and the more health conscious consumer has emerged. With this in mind, Conglom Foods is here today to evaluate these environmental factors and determine what needs to be done to adjust them.Every business has external peers that perform similar functions within their professional discipline. These peers are ...view middle of the document...

Tweens are kids who aspire to be like teens. They exhibit increasingly sophisticated tastes and require a highly experienced approach from marketers. Tweens reject marketing messages that seem childish but tune out ads that are over their heads. The typical tween lives a multi-tasking life in a media-saturated environment and can be difficult to reach with traditional marketing approaches. Providing a product that can be healthy and cool is a stretch in marketing. However, offering a product that will appeal with hip advertising and can give nutritional value is a win situation with this targeted market (Armstrong et al, 2005).Conglom Foods has implemented an enhanced focus on the next-generation beverages. With the introduction of Action-Cal, a new product, it contains 50% more protein and 50% less fat than whole milk. Combining all the goodness of Mother Nature's perfect food marketed with a unique, fun and edgy brand personality. Action-Cal is milk with attitude. Now, in the latest effort to level the playing field against its non-dairy competition in the retail environment, processors have introduced aseptic, shelf-stable milk. Action-Cal will not require refrigeration; it can be displayed on store shelves in the same section as sodas, juices and water (No Refrigeration Required). The product will also be accessible in the refrigerated section in each store. Giving the consumer the opportunity to enjoy the product now or later adds the convenience factor to Action-Cal.Pricing for Action-Cal will be determined on how the product is purchased. Individual units will be sold at a higher price than if purchased as a whole unit. A whole unit would consist of four or eight units, depending on the choice of the consumer. Since most individual units contain two servings a reseal bottle that is shaped for handiness is offered. Promotions will be offered to the consumer the first three months of distribution with a gradual cost increase to follow. Before Action-Cal is officially launched, coupons will be circulated throughout national mailers. Finally, testing stations will be set up to give the customer a chance to try Action-Cal and promotional literature will be distributed (Armstrong et al, 2005).Through extensive test markets Conglom Foods is excited about the new product Action-Cal. Over the next 12-18 months Conglom will continue with the promotion of the new product. Action-Cal will be available in the exciting flavors; Rockin Chocolate, Shocking Vanilla and Mixed Up Berry. Using aseptic packaging, Action-Cal is at the forefront of beverage distribution.Within the next eighteen months Conglom Foods will hurdle many obstacles in the launch of Action-Cal; a flavored milk with added protein. The initial planning included identification of the potential market size wants and needs of the customer and a concept that would deem profitable (Webb). Action-Cal design will appeal to the tween market by incorporating a well shaped container and offering...

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