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Congo Kinshasa: The Country In Decline Essay

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Although there is no official religion of Congo-Kinshasa, most people practice a form of Christianity. Most of the population (about 50%) practice Roman Catholicism. Protestants make up 20% of locals, along with another 10% who are Muslim. Half of the remaining 20% are Kimbanguist, an African Christian religion founded by Simon Kimbangu, who rejected magic and polygamy and believed in a black god. The remainder of the population follows traditional beliefs. Traditional beliefs include worship of deceased ancestors who are said to have the power to influence events in the present, and also worship of spirits that inhabit the natural world such as tree spirits, water ...view middle of the document...

There are, however, over 200 different languages spoken in the country. Each village in Congo-Kinshasa has its own language, unless its people are from the same bloodline. Language as well as politics are the two main components which set Congo villages apart from each other.
There are many different varieties of foods in the Congo-Kinshasa. The most well-known national dish is Moambe, a spicy chicken with peanut butter and tomatoes. Some of the most common foods in Congo-Kinshasa are starches, which are eaten at almost every meal. Either rice, manioc bread, or cassava (a root) are ground, cooked and eaten with various spices. The main sources of protein in Congo-Kinshasa are fish and chicken, but for average people meat is extremely expensive and is considered a delicacy. If they can, the Congolese will cook more than they can eat, for if visitors drop by, it is considered extremely rude not to share.
Congo-Kinshasa is one of the most well-educated countries in Africa, with a literacy rate of about 77 percent. Elementary schools, junior high schools, and universities are all available for the Congolese people. These schools teach the local language of the village where the school is located, math, science, history, geography, and French. More than half of the nation’s students are taught at these schools, which are run by missionaries who volunteer their time. The problem at hand, however, is that even though school is available to the Congolese, it is extremely expensive and most families cannot afford to pay for tuition, uniforms, and supplies.
The defective government in the past is the main source of poverty in Congo- Kinshasa. President Mobutu gave the country a source of false hope during his rule, and then drove Congo-Kinshasa into economic despair. When President Kabila took over, the country never fully recovered from Mobutu’s rule. The local population was extremely poor, and at one point, president Kabila was being attacked by his former allies. Today, many of Mobutu’s followers still reside, work, and run important companies in Congo-Kinshasa. All of these people contributed to the civil war that continues to burden the Congolese community. (Kamble)
Some of the burdens the civil war has caused the people of the Congo include lack of money,...

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