Congrats: You Gained Loot And Experience

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Video games are popular electronic games that people are able to manipulate images on the screen using a computer platform and are wildly fun to play everywhere in the world. It started simply out as a black-white TV projector 2D image game for free-time to a complex high-definition colored 3D-images world-wide popular phenomenon popularity with people of all ages, especially children and adults, around the world. However, there have been research about the negative impact of playing video games that made them view as an unhealthy activity. Parents are concern fro their children on the thought that "Are video games good for you?" and always see researches on video game's negative side effects, therefore concluding them as another "it's bad for you" activity without looking at both sides of the story. It's best to let people to acknowledge or aware of the positive aspects possibilities of video games instead of primarily focusing just the negative side effects of them. Even though video games have been known to bring social and mental health consequences to people, it has benefits for the human mind enough that outweighs the negative effects and should be viewed as a valuable resource.
Electronic interactive devices or video games are devices that involve user interface to generate a feedback using a platform (console) and a visual device (screen). These electronic devices that project a visual image that engages the human's mind through a visual electronic process to achieve a goal within the interaction system. Earliest video games have been created around the 1950s, starting out as simply a black-and-white interactive system like Tetris or Pong (Tennis Game for Two). Within the 21st century, video games evolved from a simple 2D image resolution to 3D images of high-definition color pixels, equipped with network settings and sometime motion control sensors like the Wii or Xbox Connect. It eventually became a major-worldwide phenomenon of a new industry; creating the largest video games industries in the world such as Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Bioshock, Gearbox, and others. As of this age all ages of people (mostly children and adolescents) play video games for fun and entertainment for their brain.
Video games can be educational tools for the player's mental mind by testing their knowledge in vocabulary, language, and math skills. When playing video games, gamers would need basic language and vocabulary knowledge to understand instructions, questions, explanations, and all the in-text messages in the game. "Interestingly, the study focused on young children, and 4- and 5-year-olds who participated showed increases in letter recognition, sounds association with letters, and understanding basic concepts about stories and print" (ABC News). In the game Persona 4, the main character would have to answer test questions in the school and requires the players to recognize vocabulary like the word sphenopalatineganglioneruglia,...

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