Congress As An Admirable And Enlightened Example Of International Co Operation

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Congress as An Admirable and Enlightened Example of International Co-Operation

When the Napoleonic Wars came to the end, the European countries held
the Congress of Vienna to settle down the problems. After that, the
European powers decided to hold conferences in the coming years to
maintain the peace of Europe and solve the problems by talking,
discussing, but not by wars. These congresses, which included Congress
of Vienna (1814-15), Congress of Aix-la Chapelle (1818), Congress of
Troppau (1820), Congress of Laibach (1821), and Congress of Verona
(1822), formed the Congress System, which can be also called
Metternich System or the Concert of Europe. This essay is going to
have a look that if the Congress System is an admirable and
enlightened example of international co-operation.

First of all, the definition of admirable and enlightened should be
stated. Admirable means excellent, and deserves others to respect with
pleasure and satisfaction. Enlightened means free from prejudice,
ignorance. Based on these definitions, the Congress system should be
admired if it had reached its aims, which were maintain the peace of
Europe and solving the problems by discussing and without war, unless
the latter was a necessary and unavoidable. The Metternich System was
an enlightened one if it was a new system which is better than the
ones in before.

Before find out could the Congress System maintain the peace of Europe
or not, it is essential to know that the powers had different
definition of the word "peace". In the eyes of British statements, it
means maintaining the balance of power and stick on the Vienna
Settlement. However, the Russian, Prussian and Austrian statements did
not share the same idea. They thought "peace" was no revolutions, for
they thought the revolutions had an immediate danger threatens other
countries, especially the multi-racial ones, such as themselves. In
this essay, the meaning of "peace" is quite similar to the British
one, but not the Austrian, Russian, Prussian ones as they were a
little bit selfish on this point.

By that definition of the word "peace", it was clearly, and should be
no doubt, that the Congress System could help maintain the peace in
Europe. Since the Congress System had started, there was no
international war nearly for 40 years, until the Crimean War that
started in 1853. Moreover, the map of Europe was exactly the same to
the one constructed by the Congress of Vienna, until the 1830 when the
Belgium became independence. There was no big changing of the map of
Europe in the following 30 years.

How could the Congress system reach this? Firstly, in the first
congress of the congress system, that's Congress of Vienna, the powers
reconstructed the map of Europe. In the congress, the powers discussed
and find out some rules that the...

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