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Congress Members And Bills: The Safe Child Act Of 2014

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The legislative branch most important job is to create laws. Every law ever created was once a bill; which is a proposed law under consideration by legislatures. There are two types of bills that can be proposed, public or private. Public bills are laws that will affect the entire general public. Private bills affect private institutions, organizations, or particular persons. The legislative process in the two chambers of Congress is a time consuming task. There are eight steps that a bill must undergo and pass successfully to become law. The legislative process naturally makes it hard for bills to become laws. "Before Bills become laws, they typically pass successfully through several ...view middle of the document...

The goals of the CCDBG of 1990 were to allow parents to have a choice on child care that best met their family needs, assist states to make sure child care providers met regulations, and most importantly make sure child care programs provided adequate service. States had to comply with certain requirements before being eligible to receive funds (Lynch 2-4). States must use the funds strictly to provide childcare support to families. After 17 years, The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 is finally under consideration with a new title The Safe Child Act of 2014 by Congress for re-authorization of this law to assure this service is still provided to families especially in this economy.
  Consequently, this revised bill recognizes the importance of The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act by reassuring the significance of quality child care. This law supports working low income families especially single parents households with only one adult working to support their family. This program allows the parents to continue to work and make sure their children still obtain their needs. This bill will continue to give states $1 billion until the fiscal year of 2019 to make sure states can provide families with quality child care. The responsible to ensure they are providing quality child care by complying with both health and safety requirements(acf.hhs). According to congressional website,"at least four percent of the funding must be used to improve the quality of child care such as technical assistance and training, resources and referral service, and increase monitoring staff." Employees must meet federal standards as well such as agreeing to background checks, no felony convictions, and cannot be on the National Sex Offender Registry. Child care providers are required to demonstrate improvement in their services.
  The Safe Child Act of 2014 is currently on its journey in becoming a law. Only when congress...

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